Steps to Creating Kid-Friendly Spaces You Both will Love

Kid-Friendly Spaces

Kids have a lot of ‘stuff’ and many kids have a tendency to be messy. As a parent, that is no surprise. What is helpful though is learning how to create kid-friendly spaces that are not only fun to be in, but also, they are easy to clean and organize.

Step One: Add Color

A bright happy color is a good choice for a kid’s space. If possible, choose paint(s) in the child’s favorite color(s). This will help make the space more attractive to the child. For parents, that helps ensure that playtime will take place in that space – which means toys and other items will be more likely to also remain in that space.

Step Two: Add Some Storage

As mentioned – kids have lots of stuff. Whether you are dealing with a three-year old or a nine-year old, you will have several things to organize. Easy storage solutions work best. The goal is to keep items that are used often out in plain sight – without adding to a look of clutter.

Step Three: Bring In the Fun Stuff

Every kid space should include some ‘fun’ items. This might be a collection of toys or perhaps it is a student desk and craft supplies. Whatever it is, some fun stuff should be prominently displayed.

Step Four: Accessorize

Adding accessories that appeal to kids is part of the fun of decorating these spaces. Look for artwork, rugs and window treatments that help pull together the overall theme.

Step Five: Bring in the Kids!

Kids are what give a kid-friendly space life. Bring them in and watch the fun begin!

Both you and your kids will benefit from having kid-friendly spaces. These rooms or areas are designed specifically with kids in mind. They offer kids a place to feel free to ‘be kids’ while at the same time, the space is attractive and easy to keep clean. Try your hand at creating a kid-friendly space – it can be in a bedroom, in a walk-in closet, or even in the corner of another room. And don’t forget to get your kids in on the planning and creating process. Using some of their ideas and suggestions will help them feel a sense of pride and ownership in the space.

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