The Benefits of Books for Kids

Rainy Day Reading

Did you know books can boost your child’s learning potential? Every parent wants his or her child to be intelligent and reading helps with that. Even reading to very young children offers some unique benefits. For instance, it is a great way to enjoy one-on-one time with a child – it is a nurturing experience that helps create a stronger relationship. In addition, reading to young children helps them develop a fondness for books and for learning; it can help the child in all aspects of learning.

Getting Reading Basics Down

Reading helps children master and reinforces basic speech skills. Even very small children are likely to work at sounding out words. Plus, kids learn that written content is read from left to right and that images help ‘tell the story’.

Top Benefits

Kids that read (and those that are read to), are better able to express themselves; reading results in better communication skills. Reading offers opportunities to observe the way characters in the books interact. This is beneficial because kids can learn to differentiate positive interactions from negative or less than positive ones. In doing so the child gains improved communication skills.

It’s A Logical Process

Not only can reading help children in their development of speech and communication skills, but it can also assist in helping them understand abstract concepts, such as cause and effect, and apply logic and good judgment.


Books can be helpful when your child is facing a major change or transition of some sort. For example, there are numerous available about potty-training and about starting school and/or moving. Reading about these issues can help your child understand that feeling a bit apprehensive is normal – but in the end, everything will be okay – in fact, it may be better than ever.

Concentration & Improved Attention Span

As kids gain an appreciation for books they also enjoy improved concentration and attention span. That’s not all; reading can also result in better memory retention.

When kids are introduced to books at an early age they learn the value of reading sooner. This can lead to a lifelong love for reading. Besides the benefits already described, kids will learn that a book is not just pages with words on them – instead, a book can share wisdom or take you away to a magical place. It can be a way to relax and to escape into a new world. Reading can offer a foundation for academic excellence and much more!

Debbie Allen is a team member at Package From Santa. When she’s not creating content for websites she’s busy spending time with her family and pets.