Fun With Autumn Leaves

Package From Santa, Fun With Autumn Leaves

As the temperatures begin to drop and leaves start to fall, you might worry that fun activities will soon be over. Settling in for fall and winter can result in a long list of needed changes, but giving up fun activities does not have to be on that list. Make use of those leaves that are falling: keep reading for some great ideas about activities that are perfect for autumn fun.

Focus on Leaves

While adults may consider fallen leaves a nuisance, kids look at them as another way to have fun. Why not give everyone a rake and put them to work making a huge pile of leaves. Then, let the fun begin! Let the kids run and jump into the piles or even let them bury each other. Not only will the kids love this play, but it also gives you a head start on getting the leaves ready for your clean up. In fact, why not end the fun with a contest? Let the kids compete to see who can get the most leaves in their bag? The kids will enjoy the game and you will end up with a clean yard!

Leaves can also be used to create a scarecrow for the garden or to create a scary Halloween decoration. Simply fill a pair of jeans and shirt with leaves. Sit the body in an outdoor chair and tuck the shirt into the pants. Use a stick to create a neck and fill a small bag with leaves to create a head (or alternatively, you can use a plastic pumpkin for the head). Let the kids add a hat, bandana, or other touches to add to the effect.

Package From Santa, Decorating Fun With Autumn LeavesThe beautiful colors of fall are evident in the leaves, so why not take advantage of that? You can purchase an inexpensive wreath form and let the kids go to work on decorating it with leaves found in your own yard. Adding in a few other items, such as color flowers, twigs or nuts will add to the decoration. You can even add a ribbon or small decorative bird or other items. Let the kids get creative!

Last but not least, leaves can be used in art projects. Leaves can be taped or glued to paper to create the foundation for one-of-a-kind artwork. Small kids might enjoy using the leaves as bodies and drawing heads, arms, legs and feet. Another idea is to place a leaf under a piece of paper and use the side of a crayon to rub over it, transferring the image to the paper.

Kids are naturally creative. Let them discover new ways to have fun with leaves. The team at Package From Santa wants to help you enjoy every month of the year. Keep visiting the site to learn more about family fun!