Six Last Minute Gift Ideas for Children

We understand wanting to toss in an extra little something if your child has been particularly good this year! Last minute gifts for children can be well thought out, fun, personalized, and memory-making experiences that really make their Christmas something special. Six last-minute gifts for children of all ages are:

1. Personalized phone call from Santa Using the online Santa call app, which is free from Google Play and the Apple App Store, you can gift your child a magical experience they’re sure to remember. You can request a personalized phone call from Santa that can go straight to your mobile phone or landline, which helps to get them excited and ready for Christmas to arrive in earnest. Santa will mention your child’s name, age, state, and more in your pre-scheduled phone call you can tell them to expect. The call can go to the child’s phone, mom’s phone or even a land line! 

2. Personalized Video From Santa The personalized video from Santa includes your choice of 3 different packages. This last-minute gift includes a personalized video for your child that they can save, share, and watch over and over again. In a free video from Santa or a deluxe version, Santa gives a shout-out directly to you and it comes with some extra goodies.

3. DIY treats – Deconstructed treats are a popular item for people of all ages, but they are particularly special for kids! Children of all ages love the independence of creating things themselves, and they also love learning and picking up new skills in the kitchen. To create DIY treats, take a clean mason jar and fill the jar with the ingredients to fix up your child’s favorite treat. Cocoa powder and marshmallows for a “just add water” hot cocoa recipe, the dry ingredients for cookies or cakes, or even a savory sweet treat like pretzels and melting chocolate with candies to create your own chocolate covered pretzels. Not only will kids love this last minute gift, but parents can get in on the fun of helping them to create these goodies, too!

4. Books – Whether an e-book for their tablet or e-reader, or a physical book, books make great imagination stimulating last minute Christmas gifts. In addition to books, a subscription to a favorite children’s magazine is also a great idea, and will help to promote a lifelong love of reading. The best part about books as a last minute Christmas gift? You can enjoy the book together while getting tucked in on Christmas Eve! 

5. A Christmas movie night box – This last minute gift can turn into a brand new tradition for you and your family. Simply take some Christmas pajamas, a family favorite Christmas movie, popcorn, and a packet of hot cocoa with marshmallows, and allow the child to open the gift on Christmas Eve. After the child opens the gift, they can put on their cozy new jammies, make the cocoa and popcorn with your help, and you can watch the movie together while winding down and getting ready for bed so Santa can arrive! 

6. Ornament craft kit – A homemade ornament craft kit is another last minute gift idea that’s fun for the entire family! Take a glass, or plastic for the little ones, Christmas ball ornaments in a plain color, and include paints, paint brushes, glue, glitter, rhinestones, and other decorations in a small box for your child to open. After they’ve opened their gift, you can all work together as a family to decorate the ornaments and have some special memory making time before hanging your ornaments on the tree and settling in for a long winter’s nap! 

Last minute gift ideas can make the most special memories your family shares together this Christmas season. These gift ideas combine quality time with restoring faith in Santa and stimulating the imagination; all things that help to get your children excited for everything that the magic of Christmas has to offer. For a really special Christmas Eve, you may even wish to combine these gift ideas to make a night of it, like having a family Christmas movie night while decorating ornaments or baking a favorite Christmas cookie. If you do choose to go the Christmas cookie route, I know a certain guy in red who would love if you saved a couple just for him with a cool glass of milk!