Planning for Halloween and Beyond

Package From Santa, Planning for Halloween and Beyond

It’s that time of year again! Although you’re busy planning for Halloween, you’ve probably seen store displays for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Who can think that far ahead? Right now your goal is to get those costumes the kids want and to buy the candy you’ll give to the trick or treaters. We understand.

Even so, it really is important to start thinking about the holiday season. As you know, this time of year seems to be filled with activities and holiday-related tasks.

So what’s the first steps to planning for the season? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a quick list of things to do so you can stay on track this holiday season…


From now until the end of October you will want to keep your primary focus on Halloween, but don’t totally forget about the holidays that are coming. What does that mean? Well, of course you have to buy Halloween candy and costumes and you may be planning a Halloween bash. Obviously this requires some shopping and decorating.

Thinking Ahead

Halloween, Letters From Santa, Package From Santa, Planning for Halloween and BeyondBut at the same time, you might notice discount prices on food items that you will need for Thanksgiving. For instance, certain canned goods and things like olives may be less expensive now than they will be during November. These items will keep just fine until the holidays, so why not buy them now and save some money?

Don’t forget about other items that may be needed for overnight guests. You may need to purchase extra linens or things like shampoo, toothpaste and toilet paper.

What about that spare bedroom? Do you need to shampoo the carpet or add a few decorative touches? The idea is to start planning and preparing now so you will have less to do during the busy months of November and December.

Thanksgiving Details

Letters From Santa, Package From Santa, Planning for Halloween and BeyondThanksgiving is a great time to display your fall decorations. The colors are beautiful and the décor will add an inviting appeal to your home. Take some time now to think about how you will decorate for Thanksgiving.

More importantly, start planning your Thanksgiving menu. This makes it easier to take advantage of sales. Decide now if you will serve your meal on your favorite china or if you will use throw-away plates and cups. The more details you work out now the less stressed you will be next month.

Christmas is Coming!

We don’t have to tell you that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be very hectic. So the more you can do now the better off you will be during the holiday rush. Just like the planning and preparing for Thanksgiving, do whatever you can to get ready for Christmas. Decide if you will use a real Christmas tree or an artificial one. What decorating theme will you use? Do you have enough ornaments, garland, and tinsel? What about your gift list? Don’t forget about letters from Santa…remember the magic they added to the season last year?

Letters From Santa, Package From Santa, Planning for Halloween and BeyondOne Step At A Time

Okay, we know. You’re probably starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. But relax – it’s not even Halloween yet. You have time to do everything needed to make this holiday season special, and Package From Santa will be there to help!