Mrs. Claus’ Favorite Unique Gift Ideas for Children

Mrs. Claus’ Favorite Unique Gift Ideas for Children

Here at the North Pole, we know that there are few things that make Christmas as special as unique gifts for children! Seeing those little smiling faces on Christmas morning as their minds burst with wonder is something that warms all of our hearts, so I thought I would outline some of my favorite unique gift ideas for children to make their holidays just a little more special this year!

The first idea is to send your child a Package from Santa! There is no bigger Christmastime celeb than my husband! And no one loves reaching out to all the little ones more! With mom and dad’s help, Santa sends this one-of-a-kind gift by mail to your child and he also uses technology, which the kids these days love! Every Package from Santa includes a personalized mailed letter and other treats from Santa PLUS a phone call and a movie-quality Santa video!  This gift becomes and magical experience that will really bring the wonder of Christmas alive in your child’s heart and mind. Not only does it make a magical gift this Christmas, it will become an annual tradition that is sure to instill lifelong childhood memories!

Another great unique gift idea is a felting kit from These kits come with everything you need to create your own special friend through needle felting, and when your child is finished he or she will have a special toy that they can be proud to have made all by themselves. Not only do these felting kits provide children with a spectacular toy, but they offer parents and children special quality time together crafting the toy and building their gift. WoolBuddy kits come in a vast array of different styles and shapes, from angler fish to kitty cats and everything in between, so it’s easy to find what will surely be your little one’s favorite.

For a truly unique spin on the classic bike, there’s produces wheeled ride-on toys in the shape of animals, and children move up and down on the toys to propel them forward. These plush ride-on toys come in varieties ranging from tigers and unicorns to beautiful horses, and they stimulate the imagination while providing fun and safe physical activity at the same time! All children will have seen a bike, most will have owned a bike, but few will have a ride-on toy so unique and fun for playing make-believe!

Gingerbread house building is one of the most delicious fun activities of Christmastime! takes an easy and fun approach to traditional gingerbread houses and provides ready to decorate kits that take baking out of the equation. What makes so unique? It’s not gingerbread at all!  What you receive is a washable, safe, and sturdy house base, which you can then decorate with your favorite candies, baked goods, frostings, and other sweets. This base eliminates some of the biggest issues with traditional gingerbread houses and makes decoration more little one friendly. When the base is built, you can make quality family fun out of decorating with all your favorite sweets with no worry of collapse or breaking.

For little ones of all ages, the Lite Cup might not seem like a whole lot of fun to play with on Christmas morning, but it’s a unique gift that children will really grow to appreciate! The patented Lite Cup is a no-spill cup that also acts as a soothing and comforting night light, which can be turned on and off manually or automatically using light sensitivity. Using LED lights encased in a plastic removable litepack, the lights can be clicked in or out of the cup in seconds. The next time a child feels thirsty or afraid of the dark at night, the Lite Cup gives comfort and refreshment in seconds.

Lastly, we have BioPop pets. These are a lot like the Sea Monkeys mom and dad may have had in their childhood, but actually a lot more fun! BioPop pets are solid sculptures filled with naturally bioluminescent plankton called dinoflagellates, and as children shake and play with the sculptures, the plankton glows brighter. The plankton was discovered when a team of scientists were on a journey to find a natural light source but found that the need for activity and stimulation made dinoflagellates a poor choice for regular lighting, but a great choice for a fun and educational science toy!