Top 9 Ways to Extend Belief in Santa for Doubting Children

Top 9 Ways to Extend Belief in Santa for Doubting Children

Ideally, the magic of Christmas and faith in Santa will last a lifetime! When little ones start hearing from here and their suspicions regarding Santa, and their faith starts to waver, it’s important to extend their belief to keep the Christmas magic going. My husband and I have some ideas that can help parents to show children that the magic of Santa and the magic of Christmas is real, and the top 9 ways to extend belief in Santa for doubting children are:

1. Name The Newborn Baby Elf – At, we have a new babbling baby elf! You can show your children that just like them, our elves start out as little ones, too, and they can help to give the new baby elf a name. Showing them that our elves are kids just like they are helps them to understand how everything works in the North Pole, thereby restoring their faith in Christmas magic. 

2. Have Santa Drop Your Child A Line  – With a free call from Santa, your children will have their faith restored simply by talking to the big man himself! This personalized call from Santa shows little ones that not only is Santa real, but he’s always thinking of them during the Christmas season or all year round. 

3. Have Santa Send Your Child A Movie-Quality Video – With your help, my husband will create a personalized video for your child they can save, share, and watch over and over again. In a free video from Santa or a deluxe version, Santa gives a shout-out directly to you.

4. Have Santa Send Your Child A Package – A package from Santa that includes a video, a phone call, and a letter give children irrefutable proof of Santa during the Christmas season! You have 3 packages to choose from when choosing the best personalized Santa gifts, and can choose those that will prove Santa to your child the best.

5. Leave A Trail Of Crumbs – My husband is very busy going from home to home leaving presents under the tree, and when he ventures out to go back up the chimney or out of the back door, he sometimes leaves crumbs behind from those delicious cookies and milk. It’s understandable when parents clean up these crumbs right away, but leaving them behind can show kids that Santa was really there. 

6. Give Santa His Own Key – If you don’t have a chimney, leave a special magic key outside for Santa so he can get inside and deliver the goods. You can have your children decorate this special key themselves, and show them how Santa left the key inside when he was all finished! 

7. Visit Santa In Person – While my husband is very busy over the holiday season, there is nothing he loves more than flying around the globe visiting kids in person at malls, community centers, and anywhere that will have him! To show your children that Santa is real, take them to go see him in person and have them let him know just what they’d like for Christmas this year! 

8. Show Them The Science Behind Santa – While we at the North Pole really like to keep the magic alive, we understand that some particularly inquisitive older children really need to know the low-down on how things get done to keep their faith. The book The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots, And What Really Happens on Christmas Eve explains some of the high-tech goings on here at the North Pole in a tongue-in-cheek way that allow us to get gifts to every nice child across the world in just one night. While not everything in the book is exactly accurate, we had to keep some secrets to keep the magic going! 

9. Track Santa On Christmas Eve – NORAD has been tracking Santa on his Christmas Eve trek for more than 60 years, and as technology has advanced, so has the NORAD tracking system. Using satellite technology and fully immersive maps and videos, you can follow Santa on his trip to your home on Christmas, but just make sure you get to bed before he arrives!