6 Memorable Family Traditions to Start This Year

Family traditions, even more so than Santa and gifts, are what make the Christmas season really special. These traditions excite children, who then grow up to carry on these traditions with their own little ones one day, and the cycle continues to keep the fun going generation after generation. You may even have some Christmas traditions that you began with your grandparents when you were a child, that they did with their parents, and that you carry on with your own children today. While tradition is usually thought to be something old and carried on through the years, it’s never a wrong time to start a brand new tradition with your family, and 6 memorable family traditions you can start this year are:

1. Vote on the Baby Elf name As you may have heard, there’s a new little bundle of joy up here at the North Pole! That’s right, we have a brand new baby elf to name, and we’re going to be hosting voting and a naming contest for children and parents to participate in. A new family tradition you can start this year is to have some fun naming or helping to name the new little baby elf. Set aside a day for the whole family to get together and toss in their suggestions for a name. These suggestions can be sold to the rest of the family using arts and crafts, like a drawing of the baby elf with their new name, and at the end of the session have the family vote on the name that is their favorite, that the whole family will vote for officially!  

2. Packages from Santa Hearing from Santa himself is a tradition that children from all sorts of families around the globe really look forward to! With a personalized Package from Santa, tradition comes in a tidy box! After Thanksgiving each year, children anticipate their soon-to-be-delivered Santa Package filled with super fun goodies from the North Pole like an autographed photo of Santa and, Rudolph. The item they will reach for first every year is sure to be the Santa Letter, which can be personalized by mom and dad to include all sorts of details about each child. This part of the gift-giving process is equally fun for parents as the secret personalization allows Santa to “speak to” each individual child’s life, behavior, experiences, hobbies, etc. Year after year, you will have fun reading old letters you’ve saved as keepsakes too. It’s a tradition the whole family will enjoy. There are 3 different Santa packages to choose from so there’s a one for every budget. This is one of those gifts a child will remember for a lifetime and that, for the gift giver, is priceless!

3. Phone call from Santa With a phone call from Santa, you can arrange a yearly tradition of your child getting their very own phone call from Santa each year. This phone call can be pre-scheduled, and your child will be amazed when Santa says their name, age, state, and knows all about them already! Calls can go to smartphones or landlines. For children who may be waning on their faith in Santa, this is a tradition that will keep the magic of Christmas alive for many years to come. 

4. Santa Video A keepsake Santa video that is personalized to your child can be made a tradition for you to watch together each year on Christmas Eve or a special date around the Christmas season. This video can be watched over and over again, shared to family and friends, and even downloadable so your child can save their Santa videos from year to year. 

5. Build a gingerbread house – Gingerbread houses fill the air with the scent of Christmas, and family of all ages love decorating these sweet treats with their favorite candies, frostings, and goodies. Either having individual small gingerbread houses to decorate, or creating one large family gingerbread house, the family can get together for some truly sweet quality time sitting around the table and enjoying the decorating process. 

6. Go on a light adventure – Riding along in the car is a great way to help kids to wind down for the night, and on Christmas Eve when excitement is running high, take a trip around the neighborhood to go on a Christmas light adventure! This tradition can soothe and relax while filling everyone in the family with the magic and excitement of the Christmas season.