10 Reasons To Look Forward To Thanksgiving

10 Reasons To Look Forward To Thanksgiving

Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving has to be Santa and I’s favorite holiday. We love spending time with family and friends, showing gratitude, and eating all the delicious food. Thanksgiving is coming soon and we can’t wait! Here are just some of the reasons we look forward to Thanksgiving every year:

1. Easy Holiday To Plan

Unlike some of the other holidays, Thanksgiving is a pretty easy holiday to plan. Whether you are traveling or hosting the family meal, compared to other holidays you don’t have to do as much to prepare. There aren’t costumes, tons of decorations, or gifts. You simply plan a big meal or just show up for one with a pie.

2. Spending Time With Family And Friends

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with the people you love and spend some real quality time together. If you go home for Thanksgiving you can reconnect with family and friends you don’t get to see very often. If you stay in town, you get to spend some real quality time with people who are coming in to visit. Also, there’s nothing better than sharing a meal with everyone you love and reconnecting.

3. All Of The Delicious Food

Thanksgiving food is so delicious. Fall vegetables, pies, and turkey are so tasty. Most of the things we eat on Thanksgiving we only have once a year like sweet potato pie or green bean casserole or stuffing, so they are extra special. I look forward to my Thanksgiving menu all year.

4. Leftovers!

Speaking of food, is there anything better than all the leftovers from Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving leftovers give you a break from cooking healthy meals for your family for a whole week. Plus, there are so many ways to reimagine your leftovers as new dishes, that you’ll have tons of tasty food.

5. Expressing Thanks Feels Good

We’re all so busy in our lives, we rarely take time to stop and appreciate everything we have in our lives. Having a whole day dedicated to giving thanks and showing our gratitude is an important practice.

At our Thanksgiving, we go around the table and share all the things we are grateful for from the last year. It’s nice to reflect on memories, share in the accomplishments of your family and friends, and really tell everyone how much you appreciate them. How often do we really get to do that?

6. Wearing Comfy Clothes

Thanksgiving is a day where we all prepare to eat a lot, so most of us wear comfy clothes. I love that you don’t have to dress up for Thanksgiving. Instead, you get to wear large cozy sweaters, pants with elastic waistbands, and thick socks that make you feel warm and comfy the entire day.

7. Enjoying All The Fun Traditions

Up at the North Pole, we start Thanksgiving by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, then we eat our meal, and settle on the couch for football. Santa usually naps. Then later, we decorate the Christmas tree together. I love these traditions, they are easy and fun and really help us spend quality time together. If we lived closer to a city, I’d add a Turkey Run to our traditions.

8. Post Dinner Relaxation Is The Best

Nothing like having a full belly, curling up on the couch with your family, and just taking some time to relax. We all lead such hectic lives, it’s so nice to actually have time to lounge around and do nothing for a change.

9. Saving Big On Black Friday And Cyber Monday 

The elves make most of our gifts up at the North Pole, but I still love to do a little post-Thanksgiving shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are so many great deals to be had!

10. The Kick Off Of Christmas Season

Finally, my favorite reason. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season that lasts until New Year’s Eve. I always start my holiday decorating on Thanksgiving. Then the weekend after, while everyone is still around, I love to bake my first batch of Christmas cookies and my husband and I start reading all the letters from children. Santa loves writing back to your kids during the Christmas season. He may be busy, but if you sign your children up, they can get a free letter from Santa Claus. It’s a great way to start off the holiday season.

Even though Christmas will always be my favorite holiday, I have to say I love Thanksgiving.

Any time you can get together with family is a great time. So I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving as much as we do at the North Pole and I can’t wait to see you all for Christmas!