Dogs and Kids: 5 Reasons They Are a Good Fit

Dogs and Kids

If you are considering a pet for your kids the idea of a dog has probably come to mind. According to information found at the Humane Society website, 47% of American households own at least one dog – with a total of 83.3 million dogs owned. We seem to have a love for dogs!

That being said, there are various reasons that dogs appeal to many people. Besides being cute, lovable pets, dogs can also add to the quality of our lives. Studies have shown that pets/dogs can help lower our stress levels and more. When it comes to kids and dogs, there are some additional advantages. Keep reading as we explore some of the reasons that dogs and kids are a good fit for each other.

Reason 1 – Dogs are nonjudgmental. This makes it easier for kids to be kids when they are with their beloved furry friend. In fact, it can help in the learning process. Kids often read to their pets and in doing so, kids are learning. Friends with paws do not judge as the child reads – they don’t care if the reading skills are not perfected – dogs enjoy the attention and the child develops his/her skills.

Reason 2 – Dogs can help kids ‘fit in’. Having a dog is commonplace. Owning a dog gives kids something to talk about with other kids. Plus, dogs are ideal companions – they are often the source of comfort kids choose when they are feeling sad, hurt, or disappointed.

Dogs and Kids

Reason 3 – Kids learn to be caregivers. Dogs require love and care – having a dog helps children develop nurturing skills.

Reason 4 – Family bonds can be strengthened. Dogs are not just pets – they are part of the family. Some activities are focused on the pet – for instance, time may be spent at a dog park or in the back yard playing games with the dog. Trips to the vet, pet shop or dog groomer may become family-centered events. And caring for a dog that is not feeling well may also become a family activity.

Dogs and Kids

Reason 5 – Dogs are fun. Put simply, kids enjoy playing with dogs and most dogs love kids.

Bottom line – dogs and kids are a perfect fit! This is evident in the way kids talk about their dogs – in fact, many letters to Santa include mentions of a furry friend and even requests for special presents for the household pets. If you are considering a pet for your child, dogs should be given special consideration.