Foods For Super Bowl Sunday 2014

Super Bowl

Even if you’re not a true fan of football, you will probably spend at least a little time on February 2nd watching the big game. In fact, many people will be attending or hosting Super Bowl parties. Great fun! But you may be wondering what types of foods you should serve or take to such an event. Not to worry – Package From Santa has you covered. We’ve done the research for you and we are going to provide a list of tasty things you can consider. We’ve even included a recipe for a delicious treat that is sure to please everyone!

Something for Everyone

One of the tricks to a great party is having the right food available – but this can sometimes be a challenge. After all, some guests may prefer a vegetarian diet and others may want meat. Keeping that in mind, variety is the way to go. You should also consider the fact that your guests will most likely not be sitting at a traditional table when they eat. Finger foods and lots of napkins will help cut down on messes.

Here’s a selection of food items that can please any crowd – and they’re easy to make:

Start with a veggie, cheese and fruit platter. Even meat-lovers can appreciate veggies and dip! Another great platter option can include deli meats and crackers.

Add some traditional pigs in a blanket to the mix. These can be made with hot dogs wrapped in a croissant roll.

A large batch of hot wings can be made in your crock pot. Just add the wings and seasoned sauce – cook until done and then keep your pot setting on warm. In fact, little smokies can be made in the same way.

Other food items you may want to serve include potato skins, which can be decked out with cheese, sour cream, salsa, chili, or crumbled bacon. Jalapeno poppers are also a good choice.

Final Touches

Candied Pecans

Don’t forget the old stand-bys that can make your guests feel more at home. For instance, you can add bowls of chips, nuts and snack-mixes on tabletops and other surfaces. This makes munching easy. For a special treat why not make some Candied Pecans? The recipe is below.

What you need > 2 cups of pecans and ¼ cup of sugar (recipe can be doubled)

How to prepare> heat pecans and sugar over medium heat – stir continuously – the cooking process should take about 10 minutes – the goal is to melt the sugar and coat the pecans

For a sweet and salty flavor you can add salt and/or other seasonings.

Enjoy Your Party!