Upcycling for Better Living

A plain box can become an attractive storage item.

Upcycling is the term used to describe repurposing things so they can be used in a better or different way. In most cases, upcycling is a way to extend the life of an item, but in a new way. This can be as simple as moving an object from one space in your home to another. The ‘move’ can seem to give the piece a fresh new look and therefore, it extends the time you will use it.

But there are lots of ways to upcycle things. As we will discuss, this can include everything from adding a coat of paint, giving the object an entirely new purpose, or even reconstructing the piece to create something new.

Decorating Old Things

Some things just seem to become boring after a while. A plain picture frame that once fit in with your decorating scheme can lose its appeal overtime. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. Instead, you can spray paint the frame to add a burst of color. A unique touch can be added by gluing on decorative items like beads, shells, and ribbon or lace.

This same technique can be used to upcycle countless things. Even a simple but sturdy shoe box can be transformed into a beautiful and useful accessory piece. The box can be painted or covered with wrapping paper or wall paper and decorated in any way you like. The finished box will be perfect for storage purposes.

New Purpose

Many items can be used for new purposes. Examples include using empty jars to hold and display pastas, beans, and other items in the kitchen. Jars are also useful for storing things like nails, screws, and paper clips. A toothbrush holder can be used on a desktop to hold pens and pencils.


Some things can be completely reconstructed to create a totally new item. For example, the sleeves of old sweaters can be used to create slipper socks, mittens or dog sweaters. The body of old sweaters can be used to make pillow covers.

When it comes to upcycling you are only limited by your imagination and creative skills. Re-using things in a new way can save you money, help the environment, and offer self-expression. In short, upcycling is a good thing!

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