The Sandbox: Basic Backyard Fun


Sandboxes can be a lot of fun for the family. Most playgrounds have sandboxes. However, during summer, public sandboxes can get very crowded with a lot of children. You can build your own sandbox in your backyard. A backyard sandbox can be more convenient, you can ensure it’s clean, and it will be easily accessible for your kids. You can even invite the neighborhood kids over for a sandbox party.

Sandbox Construction

Building a sandbox is very easy. A sandbox is a shallow box that is filled with sand. The shallow box can be any container that can hold the sand. It can be a tire, a child’s swimming pool, a large box or an area enclosed with wood or bricks. The box has to be sturdy to keep the sand inside.

The sandbox also has to be strong enough to absorb the weight of the children playing inside. The size of the sandbox will depend on how many children you expect to be playing at any one time. Measure the area for the sandbox and dig a small hole about six inches deep along the measurements.

If you’re using wood, you should secure it in the hole with dirt and cement. This will keep the wood sturdy, straight and properly aligned. Be sure there are no cracks or openings between the wood that would allow the sand to spill out. Cover the top of the wood with plastic and rubber mats. The container is a very simple construction.

Choosing Sand for Your Sandbox

You should choose the sand very carefully. Sand can be bought at any garden store. However, it might not be the right quality sand that you want your children to be playing with. Make sure the sand has been sanitized. Filter the sand carefully.

Make sure there are no sharp objects or mites in the sand. Remember your children will be rolling around in the sand. The sand should not contain any crushed rock or crystallized silica. These could enter the child’s ears, nose and mouth and cause extreme discomfort.

You should check the sand after the children are through playing in the sandbox. Kids are creative and they may bring stones and branches into the sandbox while playing. These should be removed before the next time your kids play in the sandbox.

Keeping the Sand Clean

Cover the sandbox with a tarpaulin when it is not being used. This will keep cats and other small animals out and help keep the sandbox clean and ready to use when your kids want to play.

Sandboxes can be a lot of fun in summer, and just a few simple safety precautions can make them more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.

The team at Package From Santa hopes your entire summer is filled with safe fun and happy times!