Teaching Your Children about Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

It is a sad fact in our society that you must teach your children about strangers and the potential danger they can cause. Every child should know the basics that will help prevent him or her from falling victim to the dangerous strangers lurking in our world.

There is basic information your child should know and should be taught with whom to share it with. A school age child should be able to give their first and last name, home address and the name of their parents. This is important information if they become lost or need help. While this information can be useful it can always be used by strangers to cause a false sense of security in your child. Tell your child to only give out this information to members of the school staff, police officers and trusted adults.

Crowded public places like parks and amusement parks are often hunting grounds for dangerous strangers. Teach your children to stay within certain areas unless accompanied by you. Tell your kids that this rule applies even if an adult tells them it is alright or asks for their help with something.  A common tactic used by dangerous strangers is to ask a child to help find a missing pet or child in an attempt to get them away from the safety of the group. Before going to crowded places you should instruct your child to immediately come to you if any unknown adult asks them to go anywhere with them.

Stranger Danger

The threat of strangers doesn’t end once your child becomes older. If you have older children who catch the bus or walk to school alone they are also prey for strangers. Tell them to never accept rides from anyone that has not been already approved by you. Let them know this includes acquaintances, such as a neighbor down the street. Yes it could be that they are just trying to do a good deed or they may have a darker agenda. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

In this day and age you can’t do too much to protect your children. The news reports are filled with awful stories that detail the many possible dangers strangers can pose to our kids. By educating your children on these dangers you may in fact prevent them from one day falling victim.

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