Fun After School Snacks to Make with Your Kids

After School Snack

Your kids have just gotten home from school and theywant something good to eat. Don’t let them fill up on chips or another unhealthy treat. Instead make a snack that will be fun for you to make together and you can feel good about them eating. In this article I will share two simple and nutritious after school snack ideas

After School Snack

Beautiful and delicious!

Rainbow Fruit Sticks

The first snack idea is rainbow fruit sticks. They are not only colorful and fun to make, they are also packed with vitamins. For this recipe you will need skewed sticks and a variety of different fruits that your family enjoys.

Before the kids are home go ahead and cut the fruit into bite size portions. Be sure to wash all fruit before you serve it. When your kids get home have them wash their hands. Give each child a skewer stick. Using a skewed stick of your own, show the kids how to safely put the fruit on the stick. Now allow the kids to slide the fruit onto their own stick. Remind them to leave enough room at the bottom for them to hold on to. Have them continue adding fruit until they reach the end of the stick. One fun idea is to make a color pattern with the fruit. For true rainbow sticks use the following fruit in the listed order: cherry, orange slices, banana chips, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes.

Ants on a Log

You might remember the next snack idea from your childhood. It’s the classic ants on a log. For generations parents have been making this treat with their kids. Here is a list of what you will need to make this recipe:

  •      Washed and cut celery sticks
  •      Either peanut butter or cream cheese depending on your family’s preference
  •      Raisins

Once you have gathered your ingredients and kids the fun can start. Pass out a celery stick to each child. Using a spoon have them fill the celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese. Once the celery stick is completely filled you can have some real fun. Give each child several raisins to use as pretend ants. Allow your kids to place the raisin ants however they wish on the celery logs.

Making snacks with your children is a fabulous time to bond. You will enjoy spending quality time with your kids and they will love making something with you.

Depending on the age and abilities of your children they may require more assistance from you. The skewed sticks used in the rainbow fruit sticks are pointed at one end so use caution when working with small children. Lastly, always be sure that your kids have washed their hands before handling any food.

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