Rugs Lay The Groundwork


Look down if you’re looking for an effective way to develop a color scheme for a room. Rugs can be used to inspire the colors used for everything from furniture to wall art. A great rug can be layered over carpet, hardwood or tile flooring to add interest and define a space.

Below you will find some tips and ideas about choosing and using rugs.

Getting the Right Size

Rugs are available in a wide range of sizes – in fact, some carpet stores will customize rugs to the size you need. The ideal ‘room-size’ rug will leave at least 2 feet of flooring exposed. Rugs chosen to be placed under a dining room table should be large enough to keep the chairs on the rug when they are pulled out.

Choosing Colors

When you shop for rugs you should remember that the rug colors will not always look the same in your home as they do in a showroom. In addition, rugs that are hanging can look different when they are placed on the floor.

If the rug will be the starting point of your color scheme in the space you can afford to be a little more open with your choices. But if you are trying to coordinate the rug with existing furniture, paint colors, and other items, you may find the task a little more difficult. Consider taking pictures of your existing space and items as well as pictures of the rugs you are considering. This will at least give you some ideas about whether the rug will match.

Reversible Rugs

Some rugs are made to be reversible. This means the rugs can offer a different look on either side. In addition, because the rugs can be flipped, their lives can be extended.

Pad It Up

Now days you can find various types of rug pads. These pads provide multiple benefits. First of all they can prevent slipping. Plus, the pads help protect the floor under the rug. Another advantage is because the pad adds space between the rug and the floor, vacuuming is more thorough.

Turn It

Turning rugs will help promote even wear. Small rugs can be turned frequently and larger, room-size rugs can be rotated every 6 to 12 months.

Whether you prefer wood flooring, tile or carpet, rugs can be added to provide a punch of color or to coordinate a color scheme, and rugs can add to the comfort and charm of a space.

Debbie Allen is a regular contributor at Package From Santa blogs. She shares tips and ideas about everything from holiday decorations and traditions like writing letters to Santa to ways to save money and home decorating ideas.