Trick or Treating Safety Tips: Have a Safe Halloween

Trick or Treating Safety

Halloween is a great holiday, it offers lots of ways to have spooky fun. But Halloween is also a time to exercise safety precautions. Obviously, kids under the age of 12 or 13 should have an adult with them. Older children should only trick or treat in approved areas that have sidewalks and streetlights. We’ve included a list of Halloween safety tips below…

Costume Safety

Halloween costumes should be fun and creative, but they also need to be safe. Keep these things in mind when deciding on a costume:

·        Makeup is not only more comfortable than a mask, since it does not obstruct vision it is also safer

·        Lighter colors and reflective tape can help a costume or trick or treat bag be more visible to drivers

·        Carry a flashlight and/or use glow sticks for added safety

·        Costumes should be easy to walk in – be careful of extra long or tight garments that may cause trips or falls

Trick or Treating Safety

Door to Door Safety

Most trick or treating takes place in neighborhoods as the trick or treaters go door to door in the hopes of collecting some awesome treats. Door to door safety tips include the following:

·        Use sidewalks when possible or walk facing traffic

·        Cross the street at crosswalks or at corners / street intersections

·        Always look both left and right before crossing the street

·        Walk / don’t run

·        Be aware of cars in driveways that may be backing out

No matter what you’re doing, the team at Package From Santa wishes you and yours fun and safety. Whether you’re helping kids write letters to Santa, shopping for a special gift, or you’re planning for Halloween, Easter or another holiday, you will find tips here that can help make the time special!