Teaching Your Kids About Charity

About Charity

Teaching your kids about charity may sound like a difficult topic, but in reality, it’s all about making ‘giving’ a part of family lifestyle. In fact, you are probably already ‘giving’ on a regular basis. Your kids will naturally learn about charity as you model a giving spirit.

However, there are some ways that children – even young children, can get involved in charity – and the more they ‘give’ the more likely is it that charity will become a way of life.

Keep reading for some ideas about ways to get your kids involved in the spirit of giving.

Donations of Clothing, Toys and other Items

Clothing needs to be sorted and organized at the change of every season. For one reason or another, there will always be some garments that no longer fit our bodies or our tastes. Every parent can attest to how fast children out-grow their clothes.

Toys are also problematic. As kids grow and learn their interests change. Other things like small kitchen appliances and home décor can lose their appeal over time.

However, this does not mean the clothing, toys, or other items are useless. There is sure to be someone that would appreciate having them.

So get the kids involved in the process. Let them help sort and organize and make some decisions about items they would like to donate

Helping Others

There is always a way to help others. Whether you pitch-in to help a neighbor with yard work, you do clean-up work at a church or school, or you participate in a community service-oriented project, this kind of helping is a wonderful form of charity.

About Charity


Create Times to Give

Holidays and birthdays can be perfect times to remember and give to others. During the holiday season you can create food baskets and donate them to a church, or local charity. You can visit a nursing home to donate some time in a positive way. When family members celebrate their birthdays you can make a charitable donation in their name.

Donate to Charities & Causes That Matter to You

If you are an animal lover you may want to donate time or items like pet food, toys, blankets or other pet items to a local shelter. There are plenty of organizations that can use support and help. Consider shelters for the homeless, food kitchens and other agencies that are meaningful. In fact, your family may want to decide together on a worthwhile charitable organization that all can contribute to on a monthly or annual basis. This can be accomplished by creating a fund that all contribute to. For instance, kids might add a small portion of their allowance each week. After a pre-determined amount of money is collected it can be contributed toward the cause.

Teaching children about charity is really all about demonstrating and involving them in giving. Keep reading this Package From Santa blog for more ideas about issues that matter to families.