Water Safety Tips: Staying Safe Around Water

Water Safety Tips

Summer is heating up and with that more and more people are heading for the lake, swimming pools, and other sources of water. Whether you are swimming or just spending time around water, there are some essential safety tips you should keep in mind.

Ideally, you and your family members will know how to swim. The Red Cross offers swimming lessons for different age-groups. You can find out more by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.

In addition to knowing how to swim, these water safety tips will help ensure your water-related activities create memories you will cherish.

Swimming Safety

1)      Only swim in designated areas.

2)      Never swim alone.

3)      Never leave a child unattended when in or near water.

4)      Invest in and use life jackets as appropriate.

5)      Set and enforce rules for safety.

6)      Do not consume alcohol when you will be in water.

Backyard Pool and Hot Tub Safety

In addition to swimming safety tips, it is important to prevent unauthorized/unsupervised access to your pool or hot tub.

1)     Enclose the pool or tub with a barrier that includes self-closing/self-latching gates.

2)     Use pool alarms and safety covers.

3)     Remove any access ladders and other objects that provide pool access, when the pool is not in use.

4)     Maintain constant supervision of young children.

Water Safety Tips

Emergency Safety Tips

1)      Keep appropriate equipment on hand – in addition to life jackets, a first aid kit and a cell phone, this includes items that can be used to ‘reach out’ to someone and those that can be thrown.

2)      Seconds count – if someone goes missing always check the water area immediately.

3)      Call 9-1-1 when necessary.

Spending time in and near the water is a great way to cool off and relax. It offers something for everyone. And with these water safety tips your time waterful time will be wonderful time!

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