School’s Out: How Will You Keep Them Busy?

School's Out

Now that school’s out parents across the nation are looking for ways to help their kids spend the summer months. The goal is for kids to enjoy their time away from school, but at the same time, it is important that the process of learning and exploring continues.

A Variety of Options

Of course, there are many options available. Most communities offer various programs that can help children pursue interests in an educational way. Many of the programs are designed to begin and end at approximately the same times as a typical school day. This can be ideal for working moms and dads.

Summer camp is another option. Some camp programs are only a week or two in length and others can be much longer. If you are interested in summer camp programs you should shop early and reserve space for your child. Some programs are faith-based and others may be focused on a particular sport or activity. No matter what your kids’ interest may be, there is sure to be an appropriate and related summer camp option out there.

School's Out

Many parents opt for team activities and training programs for things like karate, dance, or swimming. These options can be perfect for families. After all, each offers opportunities for parents to either watch or participate.

At Home Summer Fun in the Backyard

Even if you choose one of the above options, you will still need to find ways to occupy your kids when they are at home. The good news is, this isn’t complicated. You may want to consider learning about the plants and animals that live in and around your home. Doing research on this can be an excellent way to learn while having fun.

Since the weather is warm many activities can take place outdoors. For instance, you can create your own outdoor games to play. You can use chalk or tape to create ‘bull’s eye targets’ on a deck or other surface. You can also make a simple but giant-sized checkerboard design or tic tac toe board. Any number of objects can be used to play the games. You could use sponges or small bean bags for tossing in the target game, and painted rocks, jar lids, or bean bags can be used for the board games.

School's Out

Tip: Kids like to get wet and the weather is warm — Wet sponges add to the fun!

A simple plastic tarp can be used to create a fun game of toss that the entire family can enjoy. All you need is a tarp, some tape, markers, rope, and scissors. First, you need to decide what you will be tossing at/through the tarp. Some great choices include rubber balls, small bean bags, or sponges (which can be wet or dry – your choice!).

After you know the size of the items you will be using you can then cut out shapes in the tarp that will accommodate the item(s). Tape can be used to cover the cut edges. That will add durability to your toss tarp.

Depending on the size of your tarp, you may have 3 – 7 openings cut. Some of the openings cut in the tarp may be smaller than others and some may be a more difficult shape to maneuver an object through. For example, a triangular shape may be more difficult than a round or square shape. With that in mind, you will use markers to label the value of each opening – mark easy targets with a lower value than the more difficult ones. High score wins! Use rope to tie the corners of the tarp between trees, posts, or other supports. Then you are ready to play.

School’s out – it’s time for some creative fun!

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