Help Your Kids Make New Year Promises

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After all the letters to Santa have been answered and Santa is resting back at the North Pole, it’s time to start a new year. The New Year brings new hope and expectations. It’s a time for celebrations and a time to work on becoming a better person. We can teach our children to become better persons by making resolutions that will improve them. Resolutions are similar to promises. Children are familiar with promises – they understand the concept so this can be a good way to explain what resolutions are.

Not Too Tough to Keep

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Sit down with your child and help them make New Year promises that they can keep for the entire year. It can be simple things that improve their habits, character and temperament. For instance, promising to wash the dishes twice a week could help the child develop the habit of helping in cleaning up after meals.

Not Just for Grown-Ups

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Children observe parents and adults making resolutions about losing weight, quitting addictions like smoking, and paying off their debts. Many of them think resolutions are for adults. You should teach your child to understand the importance of making a promise and keeping the promise for an entire year. Their promises could about things like completing their homework, feeding or playing with the family dog, or being kind to siblings.

Becoming Better

You should explain to them the need of becoming a better person no matter what your age is. You can offer them rewards at the end of the year if promises are kept for the entire year. This can serve as an additional incentive for them to keep their promises.

Talk About Resolutions and Why They Matter

New Year Resolutions

Children are more interested in playing and having fun with their peers. They don’t realize the different things they can do to make themselves a better person. Some of the things that could improve their character might not be to their liking, such as cleaning their room and helping in the kitchen.

Kids may consider these as unavoidable chores that have to be done because their parents force them to do it. It would be entirely different if they were to do the chores voluntarily. They could make promises about helping around the house. You could then remind them about their promises and the importance of keeping promises.

Making It Worthwhile

Rewards can be given at the end of the year if they don’t have to be constantly reminded about keeping the promises. You should be at their side constantly to help them hurdle any obstacles and problems in keeping their promises. Promises at an early age will help them later on in making resolutions for their betterment.

Happy New Year