Do You Have A Vanity Basket?


A vanity basket is just for you. It can hold whatever you want. As long as it is big enought, any basket can work as a vanity basket. Once you get used to having this handy item around you will never want to be without it!

Ideally, you will keep the basket in a very convenient location – such as next to your bed! While the contents added to a vanity basket is really a personal choice, there are some things that most people agree should be included. Keep reading for some great ideas – this might inspire you!

Pamper Yourself

Make it all about you. Your vanity basket should hold some of the things that you enjoy. Of course, what makes you feel good may not be the same as what makes someone else feel good, but all the same, here are some suggestions:

Manicure Set

Whether you include all the tools needed for a complete manicure or just an emery board and clear nail polish – these items might come in handy.

Secret Delights

Everyone has a favorite candy, gum, or other special treat that they enjoy. Why not add a ‘secret delight’ to your basket?

Something To Do

Do you enjoy Sudoku or crossword puzzles? Perhaps a book or magazine is more to your liking. Whatever your preference may be, it’s a great idea to save space in your basket for something that can exercise your mind while you relax. You may also want to keep a pair of reading glasses in the basket.

Soothing To The Touch

A great lotion or skin cream can be a perfect addition to your vanity basket. Another wonderful item to have on hand is lip balm. Remember – this is all about making you feel good.

Writing Supplies

Whether you keep a daily journal or you just like to jot down notes and ideas – you will probably appreciate having writing supplies readily available.

The idea is to create a basket that holds a supply of things that help you feel good – things that are yours and yours alone. Keep your vanity basket in a handy place – such as next to your bed or your favorite chair. Your basket is sure to become one of your favorite ‘must haves’.

Debbie Allen is a regular contributor at Package From Santa blogs. She enjoys sharing tips and ideas about everything from home décor to business management.