Kid Friendly Bathrooms Make Baths More Fun

Kid Friendly Bathrooms

Does getting your kids to take a bath cause a small battle? If so you will want to read these tips. The reality is, you can make bath time something your kids will look forward to. And really, it isn’t hard or expensive to transform your bathroom into a place that kids perceive as a nice place to be. Kid friendly bathrooms really can make baths more fun.

Safety First

Even though you will be working to make the space fun, you still need to think about safety. Be sure that any medications, razors, and other items that could harm your children are safely put away. Actually, the bathroom is not a good place to store medicine – kids are often in that room alone and the door may be shut. Razors should be completely out of the reach of children.

Even small children need to wash their hands and brush their teeth regularly. Make this easier and safer for them by placing a child-friendly step stool by the sink. This will end the need for kids to climb on the sink counter and it could prevent falls.

Bathroom Decor

Add fun bathroom accessories – that is, look for soap dishes, toothbrush holders and other items that depict your child’s favorite super heroes or Disney characters. You can even find towels, washcloths, shower curtains and rugs that kids will love.

Play Time in the Tub

Add some bath-tub toys. You can add everything from rubber ducks and other floating toys to water guns and more. Even adding a little bubble bath can add to the fun surrounding bath time.

When your kids think of bath time as fun your life will be easier – you won’t have to struggle to get the kids to take a bath – they will look forward to bath time.

This post was written by Debbie Allen – a regular contributor at Package From Santa blogs. You can read more of her work at The Things Women Want.