DIY Valentine’s Decorations & Crafts

DIY Valentine's Decorations & Crafts

Valentine’s Day is right around corner and although it may not be a holiday we traditionally decorate for – who says you have to be traditional? There are lots of great ways to add a whimsical or romantic theme to your home for this special holiday. Read over the DIY Valentine’s decorations & crafts provided in this post. They are sure to inspire your own creativity and will probably make you decide to pull out your craft box, get the kids involved, and create some awesome things!

Hearts, Hearts, Everywhere Are Hearts

It’s not surprising that hearts are the number one theme used at Valentine’s. After all, the holiday is supposed to spur romantic ideas! Keeping that in mind, you can use basic construction paper to create some great decorations.

For instance, you can start with a plain piece of construction paper in a shade of pastel pink or white. After folding the paper in half you can create a card. Just add a favorite quote or Valentine’s wishes to the inside and decorate the outside with hearts, flowers, and other Valentine’s Day symbols. Making your own cards adds a personal touch that store-bought cards can’t match!

Heart Garland

Making a cute garland that can be used to decorate plants, hang on a chandelier, picture frame or other item is easy. Begin with construction in the appropriate colors and a piece of twine or yarn. Cut out heart shapes. You can make them uniform in shape and size or mix things up a bit. In fact, you can get even more creative and use wrapping paper or other paper with designs. After all, being different is not a bad thing!

After you have the hearts cut out you can glue or tape them to your twine (or yarn). Instead of using yarn or twine you could also use ribbon or lace. And if you feel especially inspired you can punch small holes into your heart at each of the sides and lace them onto your garland.

Hearts can also be made from pipe cleaners and they can be attached to garland and other items.

Valentine Card Holder

Chances are your child will be gathering a collection of Valentine Cards on that special day. You can make a cute Valentine Card holder in a number of ways. A simple method is to use poster board to make the holder. Just decide on the size you want and cut the board to fit. Ideally, you will cut the front of the holder a little bigger than the back. Staple the sides together and then the bottom. This will make a pocket-like opening which makes it easy to add and remove cards as needed.

After you have the basic pocket created you can then decorate your Valentine Card holder as desired.


Although the word love may not be found on the cards your kids will exchange at school it is certainly a big part of the Valentine theme. With that in mind adding the letters/word L-O-V-E to your decorations is also a good idea.


Flowers are another typical symbol of Valentine’s Day. You can use real flowers as decorations or to give to special people in your life – or – you can make flowers out of paper!

Tissue paper is an ideal choice for this project. Just fold the paper accordion style and then fold the ‘accordion’ in half and use a wire tie to hold the paper in the center.  You can leave the tie long to create a ‘stem’ that can be used to tie the flower onto a garland, gift, or other object.

The next step is to separate the layers of your flower. Tiny accordions can be used to create small flower-like decorations that can be used to enhance other decorations or even to use as a decoration for a hair barrette.

Many of these projects can be enjoyed by old and young alike. Just as you plan an evening around things like coloring Easter eggs and writing letters to Santa, you can also plan family time around creating DIY Valentine’s decorations and crafts.