Have Fun Making Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes can be fun to make and they make great holiday decorations. One of the best things about these delightful holiday crafts is that the entire family can get in on making them. Depending on your skills and desire, paper snowflakes can be very simple or extremely elaborate – it’s really up to you and your imagination.

Read through the following tips and tricks for some great ideas and suggestions you will want to follow when making paper snowflakes.

Getting Started:

The basic things you need are paper and cutting tools. You might also want to add some decorative string or ribbon for hanging your snowflakes.

Because real snowflakes are white most people use white paper to make their paper snowflakes – but you are not limited to white – you can use any color you like!

Also keep in mind that different types of paper will result in different ‘textures’ to your snowflakes. For instance, if you use glossy paper, your snowflake will have a glossy sheen, which can add a built-in touch of elegance.

You can fold paper up randomly and cut – this creates a random pattern, and usually results in a relatively nice-looking paper snowflake. But if you want to get really creative you can carefully fold and cut the paper in such a way to form intricate and detailed patterns.

Another option is to use creative cutting tools. For example, you might use a hole-puncher or pinking shears instead of plain scissors to cut out the shape. You could also use a heavy sewing needle to punch holes through the snowflake.

You can preserve paper snowflakes by ironing with a warm iron and a little spray starch. This will help stiffen the paper and make it last longer. And don’t forget that paper snowflakes can be decorated with markers or even with gold or silver thread that is laced through the cut-out designs. The point is to have fun with the project and to create something you love!

Making paper snowflakes is a great holiday tradition that can be enjoyed by all ages. Like writing letters to Santa or taking pride in having a Nice Certificate, this project never gets old!

We hope you and your family have fun making paper snowflakes!