Package From Santa – Making Christmas Magical In 2013!


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Package From Santa is rolling out its seasonal launch so it can help make Christmas magical in 2013! Like other years, the crew has worked hard to come up with new ways to add to the fun and surprises they have to offer.

Christmas 2013 will include all the thrills of years before plus so much more. We’ll be talking about some of the new things being offered as time goes on. For instance, every order placed includes a free call from Santa – plus a free personalized video from Santa.

About The Personalized Video

When we say ‘personalized’ we really mean it!

Our REAL Santa is impressive! Ground-breaking technology was used to create what will be a delightfully unique ‘North Pole’ experience for viewers. You will see and hear our authentic Santa say the child’s name several times. That’s right – you can actually see Santa say the name – (his mouth will not be covered over by a fake beard to disguise the fact that he is not really saying the name). Because Santa is so genuine, children (as well as adults!) will be amazed.

But that’s only the beginning… The child’s photo is also included in the video! Just imagine the surprise and pure enchantment your child will feel when he/she sees him/herself in the video!

Of course, every North Pole video worth its weight in salt includes Mrs. Claus and Santa’s Elves, and this video will not let you down – in fact, it includes Mrs. Claus, Santa’s Elves, plus other North Pole characters!

Make The Magic Last…

For those that want a keepsake version, a downloadable, HD Video is available as an upgrade; which, by the way, is the perfect way to keep and share a cherished Christmas memory with friends and loved ones.

Look for more information about this season’s products in coming posts!

In the meantime, we’ll be here to help you plan and prepare for the holiday season. You can count on this Package From Santa Blog to provide tips and ideas designed to help make your holidays brighter!

Making Christmas Magical

Santa knows the secret to making Christmas magical is early planning – it’s time to start!