Doing The Harlem Shake

Doing The Harlem Shake

Santa And His Elves Are Doing The Harlem Shake!

Doing The Harlem Shake - HarlemShakeSanta_001aShake Shake Shake

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Feeling a little down about the time change and shorter days? Want a quick pick-me-up that will help you get in the spirit of the holidays fast? has it! Santa and his Elves dancing the Harlem Shake is a dose of happiness that is delivered quickly. Don’t miss it!

If you haven’t watched this video yet you owe it to yourself to take a moment and enjoy!

Santa and his elves were caught dancing The Harlem Shake!

Let’s face it, Elves are cute no matter what they’re doing. But when you see them having fun and dancing The Harlem Shake you will gain a renewed fondness for the little guys and girls.

The short video is fun to watch and each time you view it you’re sure to see something you didn’t notice before.

Shaking it up

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Some of the things you might want to watch for include the animated snowman on the table, the picture in the back (it comes to life!), and the glorious Christmas lights flickering.

Just as you would expect to see in Santa’s living room, there is a beautiful Christmas tree, flames are dancing in the fireplace, and you can see that snow is falling outside. Watch the video, in fact, watch at least twice, and see what you notice that hasn’t been mentioned here…