Unique Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Successful Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. All your guests should be arriving soon. All the food has been taken care of. All that remains is an elegant centerpiece for the dining table.

There are so many creative ideas that come to mind. The motif is given. It’s just a matter of deciding on the centerpiece. You can use candy, flowers, pine cones, pumpkins, and other fruits that abound in Thanksgiving. To avoid stress, you should choose a centerpiece that is fairly easy to make.

You won’t have much time getting the materials for the centerpiece; so the more logical choice would be to check on what available materials you may have around the house. It might also be easy to get fruits and other goodies from the nearby supermarket.

Pine Cones Are Ideal

If you live around the countryside or used to reside in the country, you can use pine cones as the main attraction.  It can bring back wonderful memories of days gone by. And a pine cone centerpiece is easy to make. Your pine cones should be of the same size. Medium size pine cones would do well.

Pine cones are usually not difficult to get – you might even have them in your own backyard. You can arrange the pine cones in a footed bowl and then accessorize with berry sprigs and foliage. You will need floral wire to hold the pine cones in place. The rustic feeling will put your home in an atmosphere of merriment and nostalgia.

From Pine Cones to Pumpkins

Package From Santa, Pumpkin CenterpieceYou can mix the pine cones with small pumpkins. You can put pumpkins, pine cones, some gourds and flowering branches together in the bowl. Or simply choose to use a pumpkin as a flower vase. Play around and let your creativity come through.

The arrangements in the bowl can be your own artistic design. Or, why not ask your family members to help make the arrangements. Even small children can get involved. That way, it becomes a family project.

If you don’t have a sufficiently large centerpiece, you can use two smaller bowls. You should try to make your centerpieces symmetrical. It should appear balanced and evenly placed on the dining table. A medium sized bowl of overflowing fruits and nuts on either side of the table would look great.

The Package From Santa team sends happy thoughts to everyone for Thanksgiving 2015!