Turn Your Shadow Box Into A Memory Box

Shadow Box

In today’s world sharing photos online with family members and friends that are near or far away is simple. We can easily build an ever-growing collection of photos – the images can practically tell our life story. But in most cases, photos are not quite as heartwarming as seeing the real thing. For example, seeing a favorite collectible from our childhood, such as a prized matchbox-sized toy car or truck can evoke feelings and memories like no photo ever could. And that’s what makes a thoughtfully filled shadow box so special!

A shadow box is a great way to display some of your own cherished items – and it’s also a wonderful way to ‘save’ special treasures for your child.

Shadow Box Basics

Shadow boxes, like the one in the photo, can be purchased ready-made. You can find them at craft stores, department stores, and often at garage sales and flea markets. Some come with a hinged glass door.

As you can imagine, the boxes are available in various sizes and shapes. But you don’t have to settle for what you can find in stores; shadow boxes can be made out of just about any sturdy box – in fact, many jewelry boxes and sewing boxes can be transformed into fabulous shadow boxes. Even drawers and old mantle clocks can be used.

Transforming A Box Into A Shadow Box

Shadow boxes should be eye-catching. With that in mind you might want to consider painting the box itself. In some instances you may need to add shelves that provide spaces for displaying your memory objects.

The backdrop of your box is also important. With a bit of creativity you can easily change the look of each shelf-background. You can glue fabric, wall paper, or even scraps of wrapping paper to the sections or you may choose to cover the entire backing with the same material.

Larger spaces in your shadow box may be used for large memory items or you could add small decorative hooks to hold various items. For example, a favorite Barbie® could stand in one area and some doll clothes and accessories could be displayed in another.

Adding Memories To Your Shadow Box

Ideally each shadow box you create will have a theme. One could be sea shells collected during a family vacation, another may be sewing items your grandmother used, and others may be filled with small toys.

When you create shadow boxes in this way you will find it is easier to find the perfect place for them. For example, a kitchen shadow box may be filled with things like small tea cups and measuring spoons. The background for this box could be anything related to cooking or food. In fact, family recipes could be typed or written on colorful paper and glued into place. A bathroom shadow box may be filled with things like the baby brush and comb set you used for your children, their rubber duck and other small items that remind you (and your kids) of similar times.

Creating a memory box – shadow box, can be fun for the entire family. It’s something that can be changed as time goes by – and it is a great way to display and keep certain things safe.

Debbie Allen is a regular contributor at the Package From Santa blogs. She writes about everything from home decoration to business management.