Make Your Own Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

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You can make your thanksgiving dinner table more elegant and chic by providing a personalized hand-made centerpiece. To make it more meaningful, your children can help you make the centerpiece. It is very simple and easy to make. You will need a small twig with some branches on it, plaster of Paris, dried leaves and some construction paper. Your children can search through the yard for a twig that has a few branches on it.

The Basics

It should be able to serve as a centerpiece on the dining table. Mix the plaster of Paris in a container and place the twig in the container.  That’s right. The twig should be standing up in the container until the plaster of Paris dries. In this way, the twig should be able to stand on its own afterwards. You might need a wider base to keep the twig upright.

You can ask your children to get some dry leaves to put around the base of the twig. It will make the centerpiece look more realistic. The children can cut the construction paper into shapes of small leaves. These can be hung on the branches of the twigs.

Personalization Will Make Your Centerpiece More Meaningful

To make it more personalized, let your kids write a special Thanksgiving Day message on the construction paper leaves. This can be something related to the holiday – such as a favorite Thanksgiving food, pilgrims, or the children (or you) can write something to be grateful for.

You can hang the paper leaves on the twigs using string or yarn.

Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

The twig should be full of paper leaves by Thanksgiving. A variation of the same concept would be to have paper leaves available on Thanksgiving. You can ask the visitors to write their Thanksgiving wish on the leaf which you can then hang on the twig.

Centerpiece #2

Another simple centerpiece requires pine cones, some spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, brushes and white glue. You can have your kids gather some pine cones and brush them with the white glue. Then, you can have your child roll the pine cone in the spices. The spices will stick to the glue on the pine cone. Not only will give the pine cones an interesting look, they will also be fragrant. You can arrange the pine cones in a basket to make it appear festive and stylish.

Creating your own centerpiece is a great way to save money, make a beautiful decorative item, and add wonderful memories. Keep reading this Package From Santa blog for tips and ideas about ways to make each and every holiday special.