It’s Time to Make Your Family Christmas Tradition

Christmas Tradition

You should have a family tradition which is practiced every Christmas. The tradition helps keep the family together. A family tradition is sometimes started great grandparents and then passed down from generation to generation. It becomes a memorable event which everybody remembers as being practiced in the past, brought to the present and to be continued in the future. It gives everyone a feeling of connecting with the past. And if you don’t already have a cherished family Christmas tradition, it’s time to make one.

Back to Basics!

Different countries have their own traditions. For instance, Italians serve bread and fish for their Christmas dinner. Germany serves glazed bread filled with nuts and raisins. Greece is solemn in their celebrations. They are more focused on the religious aspects of Christmas. Mexico celebrates Christmas with processions and parties.

Christmas Traditions

Australia is a multicultural country and the traditions vary by region. In addition, the weather is warm and full of sunshine. Many people enjoy the outdoors and take to the beaches.

Asian countries, like Japan, put evergreens around their houses. The different traditions around the world may give you an idea of the tradition you may want to set for your family. You can add this to the traditions that may have been established by your grandparents and great grandparents.

Family Recipes

One tradition that can be passed down to the next generation is your special recipe for a standard dish. For instance, you can bake your own special gingerbread using herbs and spices that are unique to your gingerbread. If the family enjoys the flavor and taste, they may want to preserve your recipe and pass it to their children. Decorating holiday cakes and pies can also become a standard tradition.

Christmas Tradition

Come One, Come All

A tradition that keeps the family together is singing Christmas carols after dinner. Everybody gets a chance to choose their favorite Christmas carol. Every family member joins in singing the songs.

Another favorite tradition relates to the Christmas tree. Most families put up the Christmas tree together. They all join in putting the Christmas lights and decorating the tree. The honor of putting the star on top of the tree is reserved for the father or head of the house.

Whether your tradition is based on writing letters to Santa or on Christmas craft projects or something else, be sure the tradition you establish is memorable and appreciated by everyone. It will form the base for family togetherness and compassion.