The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas – how will you spend your time?

Now that Christmas is over you may be experiencing mixed emotions. On one hand, you are probably feeling a sense of relief. After all, you have been cooking and baking, working on craft projects and shopping for the past month or longer. But just as it feels good to have all that over with until next year, you may also feel a bit lost – that is, the hectic routine you’ve gotten used to is over.

Depending on your situation, the day after Christmas is the perfect time for many things. Here are some ideas that can help make the day meaningful.

Plan for New Year celebrations: Christmas may be over but the holiday season lives on. If you are still feeling festive this is the perfect time to plan and prepare for New Year events.

Get your house back to normal: Although holiday decorations are festive, they can start feeling old after a while. That beautiful Christmas tree may take up too much space or maybe it is losing needles and drying out. The day after Christmas can be the perfect time to start removing some of that holiday decor.

It’s time for guests to return home: If you have opened your home to house guests during the Christmas holiday you may very well be ready for them to pack their things and head for home. The reality is – your home life cannot return to normal until that happens.

Skip cooking: The delicious holiday foods are something that most people look forward to – but you may have had your fill of cooking and baking over the past month. The day after Christmas can be a great day for taking a break from cooking. You might want to go out to a nice restaurant and have some one-on-one time with your spouse – or maybe you would rather stay home and order pizza.  

Relax: On the day after Christmas it is very likely that your kids will be busy playing with their new toys. It is also likely that you have a refrigerator full of leftovers. Why not take advantage of all that and relax? You could enjoy a day of watching movies, reading, spending time online, giving yourself a manicure or pedicure, or any number of things.

Go shopping: Most stores have an after sale that begins on the day after Christmas. This is an ideal time to find huge savings and bargains galore. However, you should expect the stores to be crowded.

Get out of the house for some fun: You might be ready for some fun time at an ice skating rink or maybe you would enjoy eating lunch out and seeing a movie.

The point is, there are lots of ways to make the day after Christmas meaningful. And in fact, if you find something you really enjoy doing on this day, you might want to make it part of your annual holiday routine – that is, it can become a new tradition!

Debbie Allen is a regular contributor to Package From Santa. She enjoys sharing ideas about holiday traditions and ways to make home life more enjoyable.