Tips About Healthy Snacks for Busy Families

Package From Santa - Eating A Healthy Snack

Children are very energetic and play a lot. Amazingly, they don’t get tired but they do get very hungry. It’s always good to have a lot of handy snacks for them. Here are a few snacks you can prepare for them easy and fast. Vegetables and fruits should be on the top of your quick and easy snacks.


Always have some carrots, celery and snow peas at home. Be sure they are crisp and fresh. Slice them into bite size chunks and leave them in your fridge. Whenever the kids get hungry, they can grab the vegetables and start munching on them. Fresh vegetables are very tasty and crunchy. Fruits, like apples and pears are also great snacks.


You can also slice them into bite size chunks and mix them with the vegetables. You can make fruits stay fresh longer by adding a little lime after you slice them. If the kids enjoy fruits, you can include berries, kiwi, and oranges. They can take it straight or add it to their wheat cereal for a quick healthy snack.

Lots of Choices for Healthy Snacks

Package From Santa - Healthy Snack - Flower SaladThere are a lot of other healthy snacks available from the groceries. Hummus, dried fruit chips, sunflower seeds, nuts and granola are just a few snacks you can find in health food stores. The snacks come in different sizes. Check the expiration dates on the packages.

Children could get bored with packaged snacks or eating the same snacks all the time. You can prepare some homemade snacks quickly and easily. For instance, you can spread some butter and cinnamon on slices of bread and have them toasted slightly. Add a bit of sugar on the toast and you have ready to eat snacks.


Smoothies are great healthy drinks.  They are filling, healthy and very delicious. You can add all kinds of fruits in the smoothies, such as banana, kiwi and mango. Use fruits that are in season. You don’t have to put sugar in the smoothies. The fruits are tasty and sweet.

Always have some ready to eat snacks at home. Keep the children well fed, healthy and happy.

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