Top Reasons To Include Chocolate In Easter Baskets

Chocolate In Easter Baskets

You’re probably like millions of others, you will be preparing Easter Baskets this weekend and you’re wondering if any candy is really healthy. The good news is, yes! Chocolate is not only expected at Easter, many candy manufacturers offer the treats in adorable Easter shapes. A chocolate rabbit or egg can be the focal point of a great-looking Easter Basket.

Milk Chocolate Versus Dark Chocolate

Hands down, dark chocolate is the healthier choice. The key to its health benefits is cacao. Thanks to this ingredient, dark chocolate provides us with antioxidants. As you probably know, antioxidants provide protection against cancer-causing free radicals. But that’s not all – chocolate helps with other things too. Keep reading to learn more…

Great For Your Skin

Contrary to popular belief, eating chocolate can actually improve your complexion. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that help increase the blood flow to the skin.

Positive Mood Enhancer

Chocolate can help lift your mood – it can actually help minimize down feelings and feelings of depression. How? Chocolate increases levels of tryptophan which are converted into serotonin.

Improve Brain Function

Dark chocolate can help lower stress levels and boost your brain power. Some studies show that it can help lower the risk for dementia.

Because flavonoids can lead to the production of certain chemicals and new brain neurons, memory can be improved. For instance, after eating chocolate the brain releases dopamine – which can help with memories of people and events.

Lowers Risk For Stroke

Some research indicates that eating chocolate on a regular basis can help prevent a stroke. Additionally, stroke patients that consumed chocolate were more likely to live than those that did not eat chocolate.

Helps Stop Coughs

Believe it or not, thanks to the theobromine found in chocolate, it is an excellent cough suppressant.

Longer Life

Some studies show that eating chocolate regularly can help you live longer. This is likely related to the antioxidants.

Weight Control

Frequent consumption of chocolate can help lower your BMI. And because chocolate is filling, it can help keep food cravings in check. But keep in mind – you should eat chocolate that is at least 70% cacao or cocoa – and all chocolate should be eaten in moderation.

Debbie Allen is a regular contributor at Package From Santa blogs. She shares tips and ideas about everything from holiday treats and traditions like writing letters to Santa to ways to save money, home decorating ideas and health-related topics.