Video Games Can Be Good For Your Kids

Video Games

Believe it or not, playing video games is not all bad. Kids of today are growing up with modern technology and video games are a part of typical modern childhood play. Research has shown that playing video games provides some real benefits to kids. The games can help in the development of certain life skills.

Problem-solving skills

Kids have to plan and search in order to navigate through obstacles in order to advance through the games. As games progress new strategies must be applied. Memory skills are developed because certain strategies, rules, and pathways must be remembered throughout the games.


Many games allow players to customize the appearance of characters and to essentially, develop personalized game levels.


Most games include tips and clues throughout the advancement of the levels. Kids learn that reading these messages is important. In addition, some games may inspire a child to learn more about a certain topic.


Playing video games is not always a solo activity. In fact, many games are designed to be enjoyed by 2 or more players. This can make gaming a great way to spend time with friends and even to make new friends.

In addition, when kids are playing ‘against’ others they learn about issues surrounding competitiveness as well as etiquettes related to rules. Plus, kids that may not be good at sports can potentially excel when playing video games. This can boost their self-esteem.

Physical Skills

Some video games introduce players to sports activities, such as skateboards, surfing, and basketball. This can spark an interest in physical activities and help kids learn new moves.


Video games can be a fun activity for old and young alike. Whether siblings are playing the games or mom and dad get in on the fun, the time spent together can be a wonderful way to develop and/or enhance family bonds.

Of course, you should monitor the types of video games your kids play, and the amount of time spent playing them. But the point is, video games do have value.

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