Last Minute Holiday Crafts

last minute holiday crafts

Even at this late date it is not too late to enjoy some last minute holiday crafts. The projects included in this post are ideal for breaking up the boredom for kids as they are anxiously waiting for their real letters from Santa and for the big visit. Besides that, these projects result in holiday decorations that you will love!

Turn A Jar Into A Decorative Piece

Jars have all kinds of uses in craft projects – especially during the holiday season. As you can see in the image above – even simple jars can become beautiful decorative items. All it takes is a little creativity.

Depending on the size and shape of the jar used, you can add an appropriate candle to the center. The candle can be surrounded with small decorative items. Small Christmas tree ornaments can be used or, as in the image, you can use items from nature. For instance, small pine cones, acorns, or even small bits of a pine branch could be used to accent the candle.

If the jar does not have enough space for a candle and decorations you can opt for either. That is, the candle can become the decoration and you can accent the jar with a pretty ribbon, stickers, or even spray-on snow.

On the other hand, jars are perfect for displaying unique Christmas ornaments and other items. Try to find 3 different sized/shaped jars and fill them with small ornaments, candy canes, beads or pretty garland. Displaying the jars together will create an unusual but a lovely Christmas decoration.

Jars can also be used to deliver the perfect gift to those people that answered ‘Nothing.’ When you asked what they wanted for Christmas. Find a great jar and add a fantastic ribbon and bow. If you want to go all out you can create a label that boldly says “Nothing” – this gag gift is sure to generate comments and smiles!

Make Your Own Wreath Ornaments

You can make adorable wreath ornaments out of pom-poms. This is a kid-friendly project.

Just glue the pom-poms together to form a circular shape. Then add small beads, pieces of gold or silver cord or other decorative items to fill in the spaces between the pom-poms. Finish the wreath off with a pretty piece of ribbon – form a bow at the top and use the ribbon to hang the ornaments.