Make Your Own Beautiful Christmas Bows

Christmas bows

Have you ever noticed that some people have a knack for making all their gifts look great? It doesn’t seem to matter if the package is small or large, a classic rectangular box-shape or something totally unique – some individuals always find a way to add pizzazz to their presents. And in most cases, the added touch that makes these gifts look so fabulous is the Christmas bow that’s added to the package.

Although you can buy ready-made Christmas bows, most of them have a typical look – and in most cases, these bows are very ordinary. They do little to make a package stand out.

Making your own Christmas bows is the best way to ensure that your packages will look beautiful and at the same time, they will have a personalized touch that purchased bows cannot match.

Instructions for the Classic ‘Loopy’ Bow:

The loopy bow is easy to make and it is the traditional bow design that most people expect. All you need is ribbon and some floral ties. You will likely want to practice on a bow or two before you actually get started.

You can begin by looping the ribbon around your hand – don’t forget to leave a length of ribbon to create the tail.

Wrap your hand several times – the more loops you create the fuller your bow will be. Keep a length of ribbon at the end to create the other tail.

Gently slide the ribbon off your hand and tie it in the center with a floral tie. You can work the top tail downward, so the ends will both be near the bottom of the bow.

Now you are ready to fan out the loops.

Ribbon tails can be notched in the center to create a finished look.

Graduated Loop Bows

Graduated loop bows are made the same way – except, instead of keeping the loops uniform in size they will be graduated down into smaller loops.  

The addition of these bows is not difficult or too costly – and in the end your DIY Christmas bows will help give your gifts a more interesting and unique look.

Debbie Allen loves to share tips and ideas about Christmas related topics – she writes about everything from how to stay on Santa’s Nice List to ways to save money during the holiday season and beyond!