Christmas Eve Traditions That Make Family Time Meaningful

Christmas Eve Traditions

While everything during the holiday season builds up to the ‘big event’ – there are lots of opportunities to create fun times before Christmas Day. In fact, Christmas Eve can be a very special day – read these ideas about Christmas Eve traditions that can help make family time meaningful.

Christmas Eve Food

Some foods have a way of adding to the fun and spirit of Christmas. Why not plan a special treat for Christmas Eve? This might be Christmas cookies that you and the kids bake together or it could be a special dish that the whole family enjoys. For example, maybe your family loves chili or nachos. It doesn’t matter what the food choice is, as much as it should be something that everyone likes. The idea is to make the holiday time special.

You can even keep things healthy. Cheeses, nuts, grapes, and other healthy choices can be used to create an edible Christmas tree. Simply use the foods to create the tree shape. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil – then use broccoli or another green food to make the outline of the tree. Next, build the tree out in layers – begin with nuts to create the look of the tree trunk. Then add a layer of cheese pieces across the bottom part of the tree and then one in grapes. Alternate the layers or rows of foods until you get to the top of the tree. You can add a small bowl of pretzels to create the tree topper.

Christmas Eve Attire

What could be more appropriate than a Santa hat or a special pair of pajamas for the fun you will have on Christmas Eve? No matter what – work at making the day fun. New sleepwear is an ideal gift for Christmas Eve – the entire family can wear their pajamas as they enjoy time together.

Activities to Enjoy On Christmas Eve

Family bonding can happen as you gather together and enjoy the holiday decorations. It might be a good time to watch a favorite Christmas movie or to play a board game.

Take the time to talk about the things that have made your year special and talk about the hopes you have for the coming New Year. Ensure your kids that they are on Santa’s Nice List. This is the perfect time to tell a Christmas story or to talk about favorite Christmas memories from years past.

And don’t forget, it is also a good time to open one – just one – gift. This adds to the fun and excitement of the day. And if the gift is chosen wisely, it may tend to build anticipation for what’s to come. Of course, you might want to ensure the gifts your kids open will be something that will keep them busy until the end of the day.

The important thing is – make Christmas Eve special – if you don’t already have Christmas Eve traditions you need to create some!