The Colors Of Christmas – In Jewelry!

The Colors Of Christmas
Do you have any favorite colors of Christmas?

While men may fantasize about new power tools or the latest electronic gadget, and our kids are busily working to stay on Santa’s Nice List so they can get the toys they want for Christmas, many ladies are dreaming of the beautiful colors of Christmas. That is, colors set in precious metals – we’re talking about jewelry!

Whether you want a ring to adorn your hand, earrings to add dazzle to your face, or a pendant to add elegance to your neckline or you’d like a bracelet that could add some interest to your wrist, there are hundreds if not thousands of fabulous designs available. And the best part is, you can find all types of jewelry in the traditional colors of Christmas.

Silver And Gold

Want to stick with the basics? You can skip the stones and wear jewelry made of precious metal. You can choose from various shades of silver and gold, and you can be assured that this type of look will always be in style and fashionable.

Glitz And Sparkle?

Everyone likes a bit of glitz and sparkle during the holiday season. Can you say diamonds? Nothing sparkles better than a diamond! The good news is there are now numerous ‘faux’ diamond look-alikes available; these manmade stones have all the glamour of the real thing for a fraction of the cost.

Red, Green, Blue, And Other Majestic Colors

Love the color of Christmas red? Why not add some garnet jewelry to your collection; garnet is available in a variety of shades and it is an affordable luxury. If green is your passion you might have a desire for emerald jewelry.

This can be a stunning choice. However, quality emeralds are expensive. An affordable alternative is chrome diopside. If you’ve never heard of this stone you should check it out – Google it to learn more about it.

Blue. Blue is a color that creates a feeling of serenity and calmness. Most people love the color blue. And with that, certain jewels are popular choices. For instance, London blue topaz, aqua blues, and blue sapphires.

Gold is another favorite color of Christmas. Besides the vivid golden topaz you could choose citrine. Other stones/colors that are ideal during the holiday season include Peridot, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst.

Go Timeless

Last but certainly not least is the fine option of pearls. Some people prefer the pearl-look to their ornaments and other Christmas décor. Whether you are adding pearl touches to your Christmas decorations or to your own jewelry accessories, you will be pleased with the outcome. Pearls of any kind seem to add a touch of charm and elegance that is hard to match. It can quickly make a modern look timeless and forever fashionable.

So what do you think? What are your favorite Christmas colors?

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