Getting Fit In the New Year

Getting Fit

It’s the time of year that many people start exercising. The New Year triggers lots of goals and desires – including that of having a healthier, fitter, trim and slim body. A well thought out fitness plan can keep you on track and ensure that you will meet your goals of losing weight and getting fit.

One of the best ways to get started is to talk things over with your doctor (or other healthcare professional) or a fitness instructor. These professionals can help you set realistic goals and help you develop an appropriate fitness plan.


Dieting and exercise go hand-in-hand. Your detailed fitness plan should be comprehensive – it should include a variety of meals. This will help ensure you won’t get tired of the plan too quickly.

You should eat healthy choices and try to stay within a certain number of calories each day. There should be a balance between the meals and the exercises. You should keep in mind that the exercises will tire you out. This will likely make you want to eat more and replenish the energy expended in the workouts.

The plan should also include the type of workouts and the scheduled exercises. It should show expected results at different timelines. The results should be reflected on short and long range goals. The short range goals will give you the incentive to strive on and continue with the fitness plan. Tracking your goals will help you determine if you have deviated from the fitness program.

The short range accomplishments will guide you and help you monitor the progress. In addition, this will help you evaluate the potential of completing the long range goals. Your assessment should include the meals and the exercises.

With the help of your fitness instructor and/or doctor, you can determine if your overall plan should be revised. Keep in mind that while many physical fitness programs are standardized, most can be customized to meet specific needs.


The meals and workouts included in your fitness plan should be followed as closely as possible. Sticking with the schedules and other details as planned will help ensure your success for reaching both the short term and long term goals you set.

It’s easy to get bored with fitness programs. Besides adding as much variety as possible you will also need to be disciplined when it comes to sticking with your routine.

Don’t forget why you started the plan in the first place – you wanted to get in better shape. With that in mind you should stay within your capabilities. You should not try to overexert yourself. Choose a program that is challenging enough to make it interesting but not so much that it causes stress or bodily harm.

Debbie Allen is a professional writer and owner of the website called ‘The Things Women Want’. She writes about everything from Christmas countdown calendars to health topics and ways to save money.