Simple Decorations Can Create A Great Effect

Simple Decoratons

Most of us want to take care of the Thanksgiving holiday before we start decorating for Christmas. But that doesn’t mean our decorating duties are completely on hold. The truth is, we can do a lot of things to give Autumn a more festive feel – and even simple decorations can create a great effect.

A great example is the interest added to this front porch with the addition of a few pumpkins, flowers, and an old lantern. You can easily copy this technique on your own front porch.

How To Start

Gather a few ‘fall like’ items to add to your front porch space. You might want to use some ideas from the image provided or use some of your own. The idea is to create a small gathering or cluster of things that are related (in this case the theme we are going for is autumn).

A weathered mailbox or a vintage-style milk can could be ideal for this type of decoration. Obviously, pumpkins, gourds, squash, and corn are perfect fall decorations.

Assemble And Go

After you have a few select items all you have to do is decide on an arrangement that is pleasing. It’s always a good idea to stand back and take a look at what you’ve created – try to see it as you would if you were a visitor coming to your house for the first time.

In some cases a little fine tuning, like the addition of ribbon to tie the corn together or maybe just a slight rearrangement of some of the items can add more interest to the overall look.

Have fun with it – don’t stress about it. This is just one more way to make your home look more inviting to others!

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