Celebrating the Green Way This Holiday Season: Be Eco-Friendly and Save Money!

Celebrating The Green Way This Holiday Season
Choose eco-friendly wrapping paper!

It’s no secret that the holiday season has become a time of waste. That is, as consumers we are known to go overboard on spending in every way possible. This includes everything from the gifts we buy to the decorations we put up. But we do it all in a spirit of fun and love, so all is forgiven. Right?

Before you agree you might want to consider the cost of the holidays. For many people the joys of the holidays quickly become nothing but faint memories of fonder times when the bills come rolling in during the month of January.

Celebrating the Green Way This Holiday Season
The use of natural objects, such as pine cones and trimmings from your tree, is a great way to ‘go green’ with holiday decorations.

Saving Green & Going Green

Believe it or not, there are multiple advantages to going simple and going green. Besides being kind to the environment you will also find that you will be kinder to your wallet. Below are some effective ways to save money during the holiday season, while also going green. Keep in mind, some of the ideas may not appeal to everyone, and that’s okay, but even using just one or two of these suggestions can result in some savings for you.

Look For the Real Meaning

Although different holidays are celebrated during this magical season most people agree that this time of year is all about a spiritual birth or rebirth. It is a time for celebrating with those you love. It is not about how much money you can spend or how many decorations you have.

When we focus on these concepts the season can become stressful. That is not what the holidays are about. Talk about this as a family and agree to work together to make this holiday season more meaningful. With that, you might want to set a theme for the holiday season that will be helpful to the planet. For instance, you might want to focus on ways to conserve paper.

Why Paper?

When you consider all the paper products that are used during the holiday season it is not surprising that this is a good eco-friendly holiday concept. Although the letter to Santa your child sends off each year will hardly make a difference, if your family sends out 30 to 50 greetings cards each year, and each of your neighbors send out greeting cards, and people in the next towns do too, the amount of paper used really adds up. Add to that the wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift boxes and bags that are used to give presents in – which in most cases, will end up in the trash, and you can see there is a huge accumulation of paper products being wasted during the holidays.

Using a holiday theme focused on conserving paper can make each of your family members more conscious year round of their use of paper products. Even small changes can have a big impact!

DIY Decorations

In addition to having an overall holiday theme you should also concentrate on other main areas of the holiday, such as decorations and gifts. For instance, instead of using store-bought decorations why not try some DIY projects? There are plenty of online resources for holiday craft projects. You can learn how to make everything from simple popcorn garlands to sophisticated holiday villages.

Green Gifts

One way to add lots of fun and interest to the holidays is to make a rule that at least one gift has to be made at home. Some people may give vegetables they have canned from their gardens, others may decide to make soap or candles, and still others might crochet scarves. The options are really endless. Once again, you can find lots of online resources that can help you with all types of projects or you can visit a hobby shop for ideas and packaged kits.

Celebrating The Green Way This Holiday Season
Choose eco-friendly wrapping paper!

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of overspending this year only to regret it when January rolls around. Set a budget and stick with it. Make time to spend with the people you love and celebrate in a green way!

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