Office Christmas Parties: Love Them Or Not – Take Advantage of The Opportunities!

Office Christmas Parties

Many businesses have office Christmas parties. It is a way of getting to know each other socially and this time together can build camaraderie and friendship among the work force. Although it is a social gathering, there is some decorum expected from you in an office party. Here are some tips you should know about office Christmas parties.

Attendance is expected if not required

In most cases, attendance at the office Christmas party is not completely optional – you are expected to be there. Not attending can be interpreted as a lack of interest in the ‘team spirit’ of the place and it also implies that you are not interested in celebrating with co-workers.

Dress code

Your clothes should fit the prescribed dress code. Some office parties define the clothes to be worn in the party. If there is no prescribed dress code, you should dress similar to what your office mates will be wearing – that is, if everyone else has decided they will ‘dress up’ then you should too.

Social mingling

You should move around and mingle with everyone. If drinks are served, you should drink conservatively. It’s a good idea to drink punch, coffee, sodas or water in between any alcoholic drinks.

Keep in mind that these gatherings offer ‘hidden’ opportunities; the office Christmas party gives you a chance to get acquainted with people you have not met before – it can be a great opportunity to get your name recognized by the superiors. With that in mind, staying on your best behavior may do more than keep you on Santa’s Nice List, it could help land you a promotion in your career!

Don’t leave too early

Although you don’t have to stay until the end, you should not be in a rush to leave. The company has likely invested a great deal of money, time and effort into organizing the party. It really is only polite to spend a little time there to enjoy the offerings.

Whether you look forward to office Christmas parties or they don’t happen to be your favorite holiday events, these celebrations do offer tremendous opportunities. So take advantage of them, enjoy your time, and celebrate Christmas!