Lighting up the Christmas tree

The Christmas Tree

One of the standard Christmas traditions is setting up the Christmas tree. There are a lot of things that must be done in making the tree beautiful. The Christmas tree has to be full and well-shaped. From there you need to add lots of lights and ornaments. But for now, we will focus on the Christmas lights.

Keep Safety First

The Christmas tree has always had lights. In the beginning, it used to be candles that were tied to the branches. Fortunately, most homes have shifted to electric lights. Candles are very risky. It could start a fire and cause irreparable damage to the house. Electric lights are safer but you need to be sure the electric wires and connections are well insulated. If you are not careful, faulty wiring could start a fire.

Kinds of Lights

Manufacturers compete by producing different kinds of Christmas lights. Aside from lighting the Christmas tree, the lights could also be used to adorn the garden and areas on the outside of the home, such as the porch. There are outdoor and indoor Christmas lights. The outdoor Christmas lights have to be weather proof.

The Christmas Tree

Don’t forget that you may end up with snow while your lights are in use. The snow could settle on the wires of your lights and cause the wires to get moist and wet. Wet electric wires could get shorted and cause a fire. Outdoor Christmas lights are designed with more insulation on the wires.

Hide the Wires

Some people like to hide or camouflage the wires. It gives the impression the lights are hanging independently. Indoor wires can be run through tubing to keep them safe and secure. The lights on the Christmas tree can have green, brown and black wires to make them blend with the branches and pine.

Check Out Those Bulbs!

You can have different bulb sizes for the Christmas tree. The varied bulb sizes will make the tree look elegant and enchanting. You can use slightly larger bulbs for the bottom of the tree. The bottom of the tree is very visible so it should be decorated nicely. Smaller bulbs can be used in the middle and top portions of the tree.

Top it Off!

Remember to put a light in the star at the top of the tree. The bulbs can be different colors. Multicolored bulbs produce a merry ambiance. White bulbs can make the tree look elegant and chic. Take a look at the showrooms in the different stores to get a better idea of how the lights will appear on your Christmas tree. Choose your lights well. Good Christmas lights can brighten the environment.

Christmas Tree

Be Merry…

After your tree is decorated it is time to sit back and enjoy it – why not indulge in a Famous Mrs. Claus Sugar Cookie as you gaze at the beautiful lights on your tree?