Holiday Celebrations

Holiday Celebrations

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

From All of Us At Package From Santa to All of You - We wish you a day filled with happiness, hope, and precious moments... We wish you a very Merry Christmas!
Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions That Make Family Time Meaningful

While everything during the holiday season builds up to the ‘big event’ – there are lots of opportunities to create fun times before Christmas Day. In fact, Christmas Eve can be a very special...
Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweaters Add Fun To The Season!

Almost everyone has at least one or two Christmas sweaters – you know the ones – they have holiday icons on them! We may think of them as dorky or as ugly, but let’s...
Six Last Minute Gift Ideas for Children

Six Last Minute Gift Ideas for Children

We understand wanting to toss in an extra little something if your child has been particularly good this year! Last minute gifts for children can be well thought out, fun, personalized, and memory-making experiences...