How To Help Your Children Decide On The Perfect Costume

How To Help Your Children Decide On The Perfect Costume

We both know no matter what your children decide to wear on Halloween, they are going to be absolutely adorable. So it’s easy to just say “get what you want” and let them pick. However, the results are not always so easy. Nowadays children can dress up as anything they can possibly imagine, so they can get a little overwhelmed with choice stress. Plus, there are some costumes that aren’t functional or simply not appropriate that they may choose. So when it’s time to pick out the perfect costume for your little ones, here are some tips.

Let Them Have A Say

I know I’m tempted to dress my children up in the cutest, most squishy, adorable things I can find for them, but I have to hold back every year. The fact is what I choose for them, may not reflect their personality or desires and I need to take their opinions into consideration too. Children have unique ways of expressing their personalities on Halloween. Some kids like scary costumes, some kids like dressing up like their heroes, and some want to do something unique or just funny. My kids constantly amaze me with their costume ideas, so hear them out. You have ultimate veto power, but they may think of something cuter than you even came up with!

Decide Before Going To The Store

This is a big one. Children can become super overwhelmed by choice stress leaving them indecisive and you frustrated. So talk about what you want to do before going to the store. Make a list and stick to it. That way they’ll be focused on the task at hand and won’t get distracted or stressed by all the choices. Do leave a little room for some changes they may want to make. Children don’t know everything that’s available, so they may see something they absolutely love. You can also reduce this further by shopping for costumes online, you just have to be really careful about sizing.

Think About What Is Age Appropriate

Age appropriateness goes both ways. You want to make sure that your children won’t wear anything too adult, but also don’t keep them in toddler costumes into their teenage years. When picking out a costume, if they have an idea that is too adult, find a way to either dress it down for their age or steer them to something similar. Also, make sure that you aren’t making them wear something too childish for their age, they may end up feeling embarrassed in front of their peers.

Don’t Forget The Weather

Halloween is in the Fall which can have some pretty unpredictable weather. Between the cold, the snow and rain, and the heat, not every costume is appropriate for your local climate. A costume without enough coverage may lead to your children being cold all night in the Northern climates, and with too much, they may be too hot in the Southern climates. Make sure any costume you pick will be appropriate for the weather on Halloween. If you do get something that is a little too warm or too cool, modify it the night of to match the temperature so your children can stay comfortable.

Consider What They Will Be Doing

Whether your children are trick or treating in the neighborhood or the local mall, or simply attending a costume party, keep what they are doing in mind when picking a costume. If they’ll be on their feet for a long time, make sure they are in comfortable shoes. Also, make sure they can move in their costume easily. If they are going out at night, pick a costume that is brightly colored or attach some reflective taping so cars and other people can easily see them. Finally, keep in mind that many store-bought costumes are made of cheap materials that can be highly flammable, so if they are going to be around jack-o-lanterns or candles, try a DIY costume instead.

Picking out a costume together can be a blast if you follow these tips. Once you have your costume picked, you can start thinking about the next big holidays on the horizon. Just like with costumes, planning ahead of time can make life a little simpler. So now that Halloween’s come, start thinking about the great things you can plan for Christmas like signing your children up for a personalized video from Santa. If you do it now, it will be one less thing to think about when Christmas comes.

Also, I’m excited to see what you and your child come up with for your costumes! Make sure to share your children’s costumes on our Twitter page @santaletters1!