8 Best Halloween Treats

8 Best Halloween Treats

If you are hosting a Halloween party or just looking for something special to treat your kids, there are some wonderful Halloween treats you can make at home. I have hundreds of great treat recipes and I want to share them all with you, but I decided to just pick out my favorites for you to try! Here are the 8 best Halloween treats to make for your family this year:

1. Dracula’s Dentures

Dracula’s DenturesDracula’s dentures have to be my favorite Halloween treat. They are super easy to make and use everyone’s favorite cookie recipe: Chocolate chips.

The best part is watching all the little children chasing each other around pretending to be scary vampires!  You don’t even have to bake these if you are short on time, just grab your favorite store-bought chocolate chip cookies and decorate!

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2. Candy Cobwebs

Candy Cobwebs

I love making barks. They are super simple, you can flavor them any way you like, add any chewy or crunchy bits, and you can snap any sized piece off you want. This bark has spooky cobwebs and little malt ball spiders for a fun Halloween snack. The best part is you can make it in minutes and it’ll look like you spent hours on it!

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3. Monster Brownies

Monster Brownies

Scary monster faces made from toasted marshmallows and candy makes everyone’s favorite dessert snack festive for Halloween. Arrange the pieces however you want to make a whole crew of monsters. This is an especially fun Halloween treat because kids of all ages can help you decorate!

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4. Candy Corn Ice Cream Sandwiches

Candy Corn Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ghosts and goblins won’t be the only thing bringing a chill to your spine this Halloween. These adorable and delicious ice cream sandwiches are a great Halloween treat, especially if you live somewhere that’s warm during the holidays. Even if you don’t love candy corn, you’ll love these ice cream sandwiches!

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5. Jack Skellington Oreo Cookie Pops

Jack Skellington Oreo Cookie Pops

I love The Nightmare Before Christmas because it brings two of my favorite holidays together (although I wasn’t a fan of Jack Skellington kidnapping my husband in the beginning). Here is a simple cake pop made with a little decorative flair that looks just like our new friend, the king of Halloween, Jack Skellington. The best part about this treat is the cake pops are a mess-free way to give your kids cupcakes because they don’t leave any crumbs behind!

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6. Homemade Halloween Chips

Homemade Halloween Chips

These chips are super easy to make and will satisfy those kids who prefer a salty treat to a sweet treat. Take your favorite Halloween-themed cookie cutters and cut out spooky shapes from tortillas. Then dip them into your favorite sauce or topping. The original chef dipped them in pasta sauce and teriyaki, but the possibilities are endless. I made mine with a little ranch powder, BBQ, and simple sea salt. The elves loved these as an afternoon snack!

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7. Sugar-Free Bat Cookies

Sugar-Free Bat Cookies

If you’re worried about the amount of sugar your children will be eating this holiday, don’t worry, I have the perfect recipes for you! These sugar-free bat cookies are surprisingly sweet and covered in chocolate. Your kids won’t miss the sugar at all! They are the perfect treat for your sugar-free household!

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8. Gluten-Free Mummy Cookies

Gluten-Free Mummy Cookies

Kids who have gluten intolerances have a tough time on any holiday, but especially Halloween where they can’t enjoy most of their trick or treat candies. However, this mummy cookie recipe is completely gluten-free, delicious, and scary. Your gluten-free child won’t even want the other treats with these stashed in their Halloween bag.

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I have to say my favorite part of any holiday is baking for my friends, family, and of course, the elves and reindeer. Halloween is no exception. I love bringing all these treats into the toy factory in the North Pole. I absolutely love baking and making sweet, which is why I include one of my world famous cookies in every platinum package from Santa. Perfectly decorated for the season tucked in with all the lovely items from my husband, you’re kids will love this extra holiday treat when they get their package. So enjoy these eight treats and I’ll see you around Thanksgiving with more delicious holiday treat ideas!