Christmas Is A Family Affair: Have It Your Way!

Christmas is a Family Affair
Who will you celebrate Christmas with?

If you are like most people one of the main reasons you look forward to Christmas is that you will be with the ones you love most in this world. Christmas is a family affair – whether your family is large or small or it consists of friends and others that you have adopted as ‘family’, family is family.

When the holiday season nears we all have a desire to be close to the people we love. But what does all this ‘family business’ really mean? How do you involve the family? Keep reading for some ideas about ways to make various aspects of Christmas a true ‘family affair’.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve can be an excellent time to do craft projects, sing Christmas carols, and to put the finishing touches on all your Christmas decorations. This is a great time to play silly games that are fun for all ages. For instance, you could pull out the craft box and everyone could write letters to Santa. Or, you could change things up a bit and write letters from Santa to each other. The idea is to have fun!

Special Treats

Another way to create a bond is with food. Why not ask each family member to create a special treat to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve? This could be cookies, brownies, candy, or another specialty that can be munched on during the festivities.

Christmas Day

For some families the holiday season is focused on Christmas Day. The fun begins early that morning as everyone gathers round to see what Santa left under the tree. As presents are ripped open things are sure to become chaotic – but at the same time, this chaos is part of the fun.

Different families have different traditions. Some attend church services and others make it a point to spend time at a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen or nursing home. The idea is to make the holiday special in your own way.

Christmas Dinner

Meals are always a wonderful way to bring together special people for quality time. But why should that time only focus on the meal itself? Why not involve everyone in the preparation? When you include the family in the meal preparation everyone feels more a part of the process. In fact, most individuals have at least one dish they feel confident about preparing – let them take the lead on that dish. This makes the meal more of a family oriented affair in every sense.

Don’t worry about being like everyone else. Make Christmas special for you and your family – make it a family affair you love!

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