3 Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Are you a procrastinator? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Most people tend to put things off, especially when other things seem to take priority. But Halloween is almost here. It’s time to get in gear and pull together some fun Halloween costumes.

We’re going to talk about really simple and really fast costumes that you can put together without breaking a sweat.

The Pumpkin:

All you need for this costume is a pair of black tights, an over-sized orange t-shirt and some black fabric – in fact, an old pair of black socks will work.

Just cut out some shapes from the socks to be used as the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin. You can glue or sew these on.


The Mummy:

Got an old sheet? It makes a great mummy costume. Just rip the white / off white sheet into strips that are about 2 inches wide. You don’t have to be exact – some strips could even be 3 inches wide.

Fill a large pot with water and add a few tea bags – bring to a boil. This is going to be used to dye the fabric. So stir the strips in and allow the pot to steep for about 15 minutes.

Then you are ready to wring out the fabric pieces and let them dry. If you want, you can dry them in the dryer.

Long thermal underwear can be an ideal foundation for this costume. After your child is dressed in the thermal underwear you can wrap the pieces around in a not so neat way. The strips can be attached with safety pins or fabric glue. Or, if you have time and a little skill, you can sew the strips onto the thermal set and turn the underwear into a real costume.

The finishing touch is a wrapping around the hands and the head area.



Every superhero wears a cape and all you need to create a cape is a great piece of fabric or felt. Choose a solid color that can be enhanced with the name or emblem of the superhero. For instance, if you have a black cape for Bat Man you may want to add a bat shape in gray or another contrasting color. Superman would have a red cape with a large yellow “S”.

The cape can be worn over a sweat suit or tights and a sweatshirt.

Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!!!

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