Easter Eggs With A Twist!

Easter Eggs

Easter is on its way and with that many people will be adding Easter-inspired decorations to their homes. This may include everything from religious symbols to chicks and bunnies. Easter baskets are traditional decorations that also function as containers for candy and other special treats. Easter eggs are essential decorative elements for these baskets. Let’s talk about some ways to make the eggs even more special.

Getting Started

Everyone is familiar with the concept of coloring hard-boiled eggs – you can purchase kits or make your own solution using food color and vinegar. Just add drops of food color to ½ cup hot water and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Be creative – dare to egg-periment with the colors. Keep the color wheel in mind and mix basic colors to make new shades and tints.

Coloring eggs can be messy. If weather permits you might want to complete this project outdoors. To simplify things the dye can even be painted on to the eggs; small sponge brushes work well for this.

You can use light-colored crayons to create patterns, zig-zags or to add text to eggs. Just add desired content before coloring. You can get similar results with stickers. Add the stickers before coloring. When dye is dry you can remove the sticker to reveal the design. Another option is to wrap rubber bands around eggs before coloring them. This can create awesome ribbon-like effects.

Stickers And Markers

After an egg has the basic color you might want to add a few details. For instance, you could add stickers or use markers to create special designs. This technique can even be used for plastic Easter eggs.

Paper Mache Eggs

Making paper Mache eggs is fun and it results in an added bonus – the eggs can be filled with candy or small trinkets. Kids can then have fun breaking open the eggs to find the treasures.

The supplies needed include small water balloons, tissue paper (or construction paper), liquid starch, and a sponge brush. To begin you will blow up the small balloon – which results in an egg-like shape. Then using the starch as a glue, glue on small pieces of your colored paper – take time to work all the way around the egg so except for the balloon tie every part of the balloon is covered, then allow drying time.

After thoroughly dry you can use a pin to prick the balloon – be sure to hold onto the tie as you do – then remove the balloon. Add a small slit from the hole at the top – this is where you will add your goodies.

After filling the egg you should add additional starch and paper to cover the slit. Allow to dry and then use as a decoration until it’s time to break the egg open.

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